Radical Agenda S05E014 – Emergent Reee

Bipartisanship, it has been said, is a euphemism for double penetration. Whenever the stupid party and the evil party agree on a piece of legislation, you know something really terrible is about to occur.

Radical Agenda S05E016 - Emergent Reee

Radical Agenda S05E014 – Emergent Reee

The recent spending bill, which is expected to be signed by the President, drives home these points. Not only did it fall well short of the $5.7B in wall funding originally requested, it provides even less than Democrats had already agreed to. It gives local officials, many of whom are leftists, veto power over wall construction in their jurisdictions. Section 224(a) prohibits the deportation of anyone who is sponsoring an “unaccompanied” minor illegal alien – or who says they might sponsor a UAC, or lives in a household with a UAC, or a household that potentially might sponsor a UAC, essentially creating the greatest incentive yet for child trafficking. Instead of increased funding for ICE operations, it increases funding for the “Alternatives to Detention” program, which moves asylum seekers to facilities in the interior of the country, where they are usually released. It also expands legal migration, doubling the number of H-2B non-agricultural, unskilled seasonal workers.

After the longest government shutdown in the history of the republic, Trump learned not to play chicken with Democrats. More importantly, the Democrats fully realized that they had no reason to negotiate with the President. The Left doesn’t mind if the country is destroyed. Not only will they let the borders go unprotected, and the government unfunded, they’ll happily stop feeding their government dependent constituents, and support the riots which would predictably ensue. They don’t need enough power to govern, they just need enough power to  obstruct, and with that they can get whatever they want, because Republicans would rather cave than destroy the country through inaction.

In response, Trump has declared a national emergency, and announced plans to take wall funding from other parts of the budget, which have already been allocated.

Democrats have pledged to sue, and some are plotting a bill to block the use of emergency powers. Nancy Pelosi boldly said that the next Democrat president, could use the precedent set by Trump’s use of emergency powers to take action hostile to the second amendment.

In short, we’ve been taken to the woodshed, and despite this massive victory for their party and ideology, the Democrats are still plotting their revenge.

The temptation here is obviously to condemn Trump as a failure and blackpill about his imminent defeat in 2020. The Republican Party had two years of congressional majorities and squandered them on tax cuts and prison reform, then gave a handful of vocal communists everything they wanted, just to keep the country from falling apart. Not the type of performance you expect from the author of “The Art of the Deal”.

And indeed, we ought to kiss our country goodbye. Trump’s presidency, one way or another, is going to mark the end of the United States as we know it. What has become painfully obvious to an increasing number of people is that Democrats and Republicans have less in common with one another than the United States has in common with Russia. These are not different political parties squabbling over policy, but different governments competing over territory.

This was not a legislative negotiation. This was Democrats handing Republicans a demand for unconditional surrender, and the Republicans acquiescing thereto.

They can be forgiven for that surrender, but the question becomes what to do next. If we’ve got to capitulate to radical communists who hate the country and want to destroy it, just to keep the charade going for another couple of months, alright, then let’s cope with that emergency, while plotting a course to avoid that outcome in the future. One third of a wall is not going to stop the demographic changes that are on track to grant Democrats a permanent majority in Washington.

If the Left is ready to destroy the country with a thin majority in the House, imagine what they’ll do with actual power? They absolutely have to be stopped, and that’s going to require greater emergency powers than shuffling $8 billion across a federal ledger. The Republicans need to use their powers like Democrats do, or there won’t be anything left of America to salvage.

For example, Andrew McCabe is running around giving interviews about how he used his position at the FBI to stage a coup against the President. Comey, Clapper, and Brennan all lied under oath to Congress. Communists have been rioting from coast to coast for years without any meaningful repercussions. What does the Justice Department do? Indict James Fields, RAM, and Roger Stone.

William Barr and Kirstjen Nielsen need to fire every Democrat in Homeland and Justice, and replace them all with partisan Republicans. They need to open investigations into the Clinton Foundation, and other Democrat power centers. They need to initiate anti-trust and campaign finance actions against the big tech companies, and enjoin every Left wing activist group that has collaborated with them on censorship, such as the SPLC. They need to stop going after so called “White supremacists” and restore order to our streets by indicting every public Antifa apologist for conspiracy against the United States.

We cannot get the wall in Trump’s first term, so if Trump wants a second term, he’s going to take other wins elsewhere. Lock up Clinton for violations of the espionage act. Lock up Brennan, Comey, and Clapper for perjury. Lock up McCabe for sedition.  Bring federal charges against Tom Keenan and Tom Massey for initiating the riots in Charlottesville, and lean on them until they give up their co conspirators.

The Left gets everything they want because they have absolutely nothing to fear, and the Right gets taken to the cleaners because they are terrified of the Left. We cannot change the makeup of congress for the next two years, and it is surely too late to save America from demographic collapse, but this much can be changed.

Give these people something to be afraid of, Mr. President!

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Outlaw Conservative S01E006 – Ladyface

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about identity politics lately, it’s that the privileged group can never borrow from the identity of the oppressed. That’s why, when Ralph Northam decided to repeatedly show up in blackface back in the 80s, it destroyed his career thirty years later. Elizabeth Warren began the end of her political career, by proving definitively that her legal career was launched with affirmative action fraud, through false claims of native American ancestry. Even when the far more convincing Rachel Dolezal paraded around as a black woman, posting pictures of a fake black father, and going so far as to advance through the ranks of the NAACP, exposure of her fraud resulted in her cataclysmic fall from grace.

That sort of cultural appropriation is completely unacceptable, and no redemption is possible.

Likewise, when the patriarchy decided to put on a wig and sneak into the ladies room, there was such an uproar from the… Oh… Hang on a sec…

That didn’t work out quite the same at all. Did it?

Blackface is 100% completely unacceptable and irredeemable. Ladyface is different.

Ladyface resides at the intersection of gender, sexuality, and mental illness. It runs no risk of being humorous or enjoyable, sterilizes the participants, incurs a coin toss suicide rate, and invariably results in the victimization of children. These are high value traits in a cultural phenomenon to the people who want to destroy mankind, so ladyface is promoted as a protected class, conveniently tacked onto the end of the LGB scheme, just before the catchall Q, and soon to be followed by P.

It stands in contrast to the comedic value and reversibility of blackface, which we remind the listener, is thoughtcrime. Blackface bad. Ladyface good. You’ll need to remember this for the quiz later, after we talk about the Nazi lesbian feminists.

Ladyface, or transgenderism, as these predatory appropriators of culture like to call it, burst onto the scene like no other social justice cause ever had. From the dawn of time until the second term of Barack Obama’s presidency, it was socially acceptable to be skeptical of gay marriage. Ladyface had no such patience. Before Kim Davis could make bail, it seemed every deviant with a makeup budget suddenly had a constitutional right to cop a lean in the ladies room, and saying otherwise was a greater crime than climate denial.

The Intersectional Left has always been a dangerously fragile coalition. Their hatred of the dominant group is all that ever united them, and the incoherence of the doctrines pedaled by their elites was only glued together by the ignorance of their masses. The greatest challenge to such a dynamic is that, once one begins to stitch together a network of inadequate people that large and diverse, some of the participants will inevitably have shortcomings in areas other than intellect, and amongst your teaming masses of fools, sharper minds are bound to emerge and open their troublesome mouths.

We saw this happen with Milo Yiannopoulos, the seemingly lone homosexual capable of realizing that the Islamization of his country would not improve the lot of his dating pool. Not even his Jewish ancestry could protect him from the accusations of being a Nazi. His attempt to speak at University of California Berkeley became a key escalation in the revolution, as black clad anarchists maced women and set fires and smashed humans and windows with clubs, to the tune of a hundred thousand dollars.

But Milo was relatively easy for the Left to destroy. He was, after all, a pale skinned male who stood in opposition to the Democrat Party. Likewise, immigration and the racial connotations of it, were buried so far beneath the pile of subversive lies that few had the courage to speak the truth. The cultural power of the Left is such that most men would rather see their country destroyed, than speak out against their number one power grab.

There was one thing though, which we would not let the Left destroy, and that was our women. Indeed, it was only under the guise of protecting women and girls that so many of the Left’s machinations ever gained any traction at all. The trick to feminism was not so much in convincing women to sterilize themselves and murder their children, but rather convincing men to endorse such a plot to prove their love of the fairer sex.

Ladyface was the wholly predictable result of egalitarian sex propaganda. If men and women are equal, then it necessarily follows that they are interchangeable as well. That might sound okay on the pages of some Marxist text book, but it falls apart once you see a man in a dress trying to blend in with the ladies. “Trans lesbians” in particular stand out as obvious predators, and the violent anger they display when refused access the women they seek to prey upon, only confirms the suspicion.

The ladyface mafia has thus declared war on women, and lesbians. This presents a unique challenge for the Left, since lesbians, being both female and homosexual, ranked quite highly in the progressive rankings of victimhood, until now. The bathroom invaders have declared the lesbians a hate group, indeed, they have been called literal Nazis, for demanding exclusivity.

The lesbians however, have been caught off guard. For many years, they had the cosmopolitan elites dumping money, lawyers, and even violent criminals on anyone who dared resist their advances. They were wholly beyond any criticism until the rootless scum attempted to stick them with the T.

Now, faced with the frightening prospect of compulsory ladyface acceptance, they have turned to the most unlikely of corners for support.

In Baltimore, mayor Catherine Pugh had launched an LGBTQ Commission in the city government in early 2018. Julia Beck, an adult human female homosexual jumped at the opportunity to represent lesbian interests on the commission. She would not last long, however.

Beck described the affair in a piece titled “How I became the most hated lesbian in Baltimore” at AfterEllen.com;

Our very first meeting was in May. To make the commission “as inclusive as possible,” Mayor Pugh invited applicants to a welcoming reception. When I arrived, Ava Pipitone, president of Baltimore’s Transgender Alliance, was preaching everyone’s favorite buzzword: “inclusion.” He seemed a caricature of femininity with overtly demure mannerisms and performative vocal fry. At the end of his prepared speech, Mayor Pugh tenderly embraced him, thanking him for being “so brave” at the podium.

She later describes a “pride parade” where The Baltimore Trans Alliance sponsored a dance called “Queer Qrush”, which advertised that “exclusionary” lesbians would be “hung (sic) by their necks” should they dare to attend.

For pointing out these problems, Beck was removed from her position on the commission, accused of “violence” for calling a male rapist in ladyface “he”, and targeted by the mob.

From here, Beck went on to make unlikely alliances. In January of 2019, she joined a panel at the Heritage Foundation titled “The Inequality of the Equality Act: Concerns from the Left“. There, she gave an impassioned speech about the predatory nature of ladyface and the violence and deception brought to bear against her for speaking out. Just last night, she joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the perils of defending “biological reality”.

Beck joins a growing chorus of Left leaning folk who see this predation for what it is.

Jesse Singal, a Jewish leftist, has been repeatedly accused of being worse than a Nazi by a “big name on the Left” and subjected to “eliminationist” rhetoric by the same. His crime? Questioning the wisdom of pumping pre-pubescent children with cross sex hormones and prepping them for invasive surgery, before their minds are sufficiently developed to make informed decisions about such things.

Meghan Murphy, a contributor to Feminist Current, was permanently banned from Twitter for uttering such hateful phrases as “women aren’t men.” She describes a situation unfolding where she was subjected to threats and harassment by the Left, which Twitter refused to act upon, and finding unlikely support from the Right.

Despite my disinterest in seeing graphic pornography on Twitter and in being called a “TERF c**t” who should “drink bleach,” I accept that this is something I am likely to be exposed to on Twitter, and choose to use the platform anyway. Cruel and graphic comments are things, for better or for worse, I am accustomed to and that, frankly, don’t bother me much at this point. If you are a public figure, you do just get used to this kind of thing.

What is insane to me, though, is that while Twitter knowingly permits graphic pornography and death threats on the platform (I have reported countless violent threats, the vast majority of which have gone unaddressed), they won’t allow me to state very basic facts, such as “men aren’t women.”

As a result of these attempts by Twitter to silence me, the right has leapt to support me, or at least engage with me, and criticize Twitter’s nonsensical, unwritten policies (nowhere in their Terms of Service does it say users may not differentiate between men and women or ask questions about transgender ideology). While the left continues to vilify me, and liberal and mainstream media continue to mostly ignore feminist analysis of gender identity, people like Dave Rubin and Ben Shapiro (and hundreds of right wingers and free speech advocates online), and right wing media outlets like the Daily Wire and The Blaze have either attempted to speak with me and understand my perspective, expressed support, or covered this undeniably ridiculous decision on the part of Twitter.

Murphy has filed a lawsuit against Twitter for the ban.

Even the Women’s March has not been immune from the predatory ladyface mob. Their pink hats, a symbol of female genitalia, have been declared a hate crime by ladyface impersonators who want their male parts to be accepted as equally feminine.

Donald Trump said it best at a recent rally in El Paso, Texas: “The Democrat Party has never been more outside of the mainstream. They’re becoming the party of socialism,
late term abortion, open borders, and crime”. Once Americans make the connection that Democrats are also the party of ladyface, their political doom will be sealed.

The coalition of the Left has been made up of White women, racial minorities, and sexual deviants. They simply cannot win elections without keeping that motley crew together, but as ladyface threatens women, immigration threatens gays, and their economic time bombs drag down the entire country, those divergent interests become irreconcilable.

It is in the outrageous and disgusting and predatory behavior of the ladyface threat that we see the full folly of Leftist ideology. Egalitarianism is degrading to women, because women have always held a very special status in our society. No amount of hormones, surgery, propaganda, or political pressure will ever bring men to that very special place in our hearts. As women come back to the Right, seeking our protection from this menace, they will find it, and in the comfort of our security they will again come to respect our authority.

So before we are accused of hate speech for stating the obvious, let me extend my most sincere gratitude to these female impersonators. You are the unlikely saviors of this republic, and while you will have no place in its future, our history will no doubt record your vital contribution.

What’s next? Beats me, but I look forward to finding out, and hearing from you at 808-4-OUTLAW if you would like to be on the show, this and every Wednesday from 5-7pm US Eastern time.

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Radical Agenda S05E013 – For Fear of the Jews

It’s a difficult time to be a Democrat. Elizabeth Warren got exposed as an affirmative action fraud. Ralph Northam got exposed as a blackface repeat offender, and liar. Justin Fairfax got exposed as a rapist, also with a recidivism problem. If this keeps up, their accusations of racism and sexism might lose some of their power, and that would completely doom the Democrat Party, which is utterly lacking in substance and vision.

Radical Agenda S05E013 - For Fear of the Jews

Radical Agenda S05E013 – For Fear of the Jews

Lucky for them, they have the Jews on their side. With their media distortions, anything is possible. Not only is Elizabeth Warren undeterred from her Presidential aspirations, her campaign kickoff event harped on racial discrimination as if she hadn’t made her entire career on hiding her whiteness from employers. A majority of black Virginians don’t want Ralph Northam to resign, according to a poll by the Washington Post. Evidence and due process, which had fallen out of favor with Democrats during the Kavanaugh confirmation, have made a comeback now that black Democrat Justin Fairfax has been credibly accused of multiple rapes.

Your average Fox News viewer would sum this up to “liberal” bias. It’s just partisan, goy. Totally not a racial thing at all, it is entirely about ideas and organizations.

Luckily for us, we get proof to the contrary from time to time. Last night for example, Left wing journalist Glenn Greenwald called attention to Representative Kevin McCarthy, who had sought to see representatives Rashida Talib and Ilhan Omar sanctioned for their “anti-Semitic” criticisms of Israel. “It’s stunning how much time US political leaders spend defending a foreign nation even if it means attacking free speech rights of Americans” he noted. Greenwald, himself a Jewish homosexual, was hardly mentioned in the Twitter kvetchfest which later ensued.

Representative Ilhan Omar, a brown skinned Muslim communist, and elected Democrat member of the US House, was not so lucky. She quoted Greenwald’s Tweet to say “All about the Benjamins”, and the Blue Checkmark Crowd quickly went to work.

Batya Ungar-Sargon, a contributor to Forward.com, pondered “Would love to know who @IlhanMN thinks is paying American politicians to be pro-Israel”.

Rep. Omar unhesitatingly answered “AIPAC!”

Now, this should be pretty uncontroversial. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is a powerful lobbying group which, as the name implies, acts on behalf of Israel. Indeed, they responded to the uproar themselves last night by saying “We are proud that we are engaged in the democratic process to strengthen the US-Israel relationship. Our bipartisan efforts are reflective of American values and interests. We will not be deterred in any way by ill-informed and illegitimate attacks on this important work.”

Why do Robert Mueller and the rest of the Russia conspiracy theorists have no problem with this foreign interference in our elections? Well, because this is the one thing Ilhan Omar is actually correct about, of course.

Ben Shapiro asked “Would this be another anti-Semitic trope about the Jews paying off the Republicans or do you have another angle you’re going for here, Congresswoman?”

Lee Zeldin opined “So sick & twisted. This continued anti-Semitic trope from Omar is grossly wrong. There should be NO home in US politics, college campuses, or halls of Congress for ANY of this garbage. Now she tweets that if Members of Congress support Israel then they were bought off by Jews.”

Of course, it would be unfair to suggest that Republicans were the only ones being paid off by Jews. Like most things Democrats say, almost the exact opposite is true. According to the Jerusalem Post, Jews fund half of the Democrat Party and a quarter of the GOP. In fact, it is completely ridiculous to think that, absent Jewish influence, Rashida Talib or Ihlan Omar would ever have been elected. They probably wouldn’t even be in the country, actually.

Dutifully, the goyim dupes of the Right went to work, trying to paint anti-Semitism as a leftist phenomenon. Even more pathetically, some attempted to paint anti-Semitism as a reason to limit immigration.

Of course, it would come as no surprise to the Radical Agenda audience to hear the truth, that leftism and immigration are the result of Jewish influence. To us, the pathetic display of Republicans desperately trying to gain the favor of the Jews, by showing how much they oppose anti-Semitism, is humorous beyond description.

It also does an excellent job of illustrating just how correct Ilhan Omar is on this one particular point. Attacking Whites and Christians is perfectly fine, and unremarkable in today’s political discourse. Criticizing immigration policy will get you banned from Facebook, but you can still have a PayPal account. If you’re in the right political party, you can even get away with wearing blackface and raping women, habitually.

But dare you mention the Jews in anything other than the most favorable of lights, and there will be no identity group, cause, or party for you to hide behind.

At least for now…

One wonders how long the Jews will enjoy this protection. Many have remarked about the “rise in anti-Semitism” as of late, though no career oriented person dare mention the truth of its roots. As more and more people from increasingly diverse backgrounds and walks of life speak up about the obviously caustic nature of Jewish influence, how long before the whack-a-mole routine tires the arms of the hammer wielders?

It cannot last forever, and centuries of history have shown us that the Jews are powerless to control their own behavior. So they will not spare themselves of the imminent backlash. They are clearly driven by deep and irresistible instincts to subvert their host societies, to spread filth and degeneracy, to steal, and corrupt, and lie, and cheat. They have survived thus far by bribery, censorship, extortion, and coercion. How long before a sufficient number of non-Jews find the courage to call attention to the source of this malfeasance?

I cannot say that I know, but I do know that “never” is the wrong answer.

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Radical Agenda S05E012 – Unwilling

Here at the Radical Agenda, we began with a seething hatred for Leftists. Their policies were destructive even back then, to be sure, but we were purposely engaging in a bit of hyperbole at the time when we declared them a threat to the survival of the species. The extremist elements of the Democrat Party were not taken very seriously back then, and were mostly just an annoyance to other fringe movements, like libertarianism, which they were perpetually trying to infiltrate.

Back then, in the good ole days of 2015, Medicare for all was still a fringe Bernie Sanders idea which allowed Hillary Clinton to sound like the voice of reason. Abortion was something they wanted to protect, not celebrate. Immigration was something most Democrats would much rather nobody thought about. They obviously hated White heterosexual males, but they made some token effort to disguise this as a struggle for equality. Climate change pseudoscience was an excuse for new taxes, but not a fictional new economic model. Everybody understood that trannies were insane.

Radical Agenda S05E012 - Unwilling

Radical Agenda S05E012 – Unwilling

That was before the revolution, which progressed along a course directly opposite the election.

While Republicans dominated in 2016, and the Right wing of the Party gained traction within it, Democrats concluded that they had only lost because they were too moderate. In the minds of Democrats, Americans hadn’t rejected Leftism, they had rejected moderation.

To them, Donald Trump was a Right wing extremist for wanting millions of non-White immigrants to obey the law as they took over the country at taxpayer expense. The only way to defeat this extremist position, they concluded, was an extremist position of their own. Thus open borders, plus guaranteed income, health care, college, jobs, and every other imaginable goody, became the new platform of the Democrat Party. Bernie Sanders may have been a trailblazer in 2016, but his stubborn adherence to this plane of existence with regard to immigration policy, now rendered him a neoliberal White supremacist.

The new Democrat Party, is far more concerned with being “morally right” than “factually accurate”. This would be troubling on its own, given accuracy’s close relationship with positive outcomes, but becomes even more troubling when you understand their view of morality. The people who think Ralph Northam’s 1984 yearbook photo is more offensive than his advocacy of infanticide this month, should not be trusted to direct our factually inaccurate path to moral righteousness.

And they certainly should not be task to completely restructure our economy over the course of one decade.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez would probably have been laughed out of Alt Expo just a few short years ago, but in post revolutionary America, she has become the standard bearer of the Democrat Party. Her “Green New Deal” has been endorsed by Democrat Presidential contenders Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Julián Castro, and Beto O’Rourke. Were it not for that fact, one might dismiss it as a fringe idea not worthy of much attention.

So what is the “Green New Deal” or “Green Dream” as Nancy Pelosi calls it? Outlaw fossil fuels, and nuclear power, in ten years. This of course would abolish cars and airplanes, not to mention everything else that relies on affordable energy. With all of this energy abolished, we’re obviously going to need a great deal of human labor, so the government will provide everyone with a “green job” unless of course they are unable or, get this, “unwilling” to work. Regardless of will or capacity to participate, the government will give everyone in America free health care, unlimited free education for life, free “healthy food”, free housing, free spending money, and whatever else comes up along the way. It should go without saying that these benefits will be provided regardless of citizenship or immigration status, and anyone who takes issue with that of course, is a racist.

It’s good to see Democrats taking care of the “unwilling” for a change. All these years they’ve been expanding our entitlement programs under the auspices that none of its recipients were lazy freeloaders. Anyone who suggested otherwise was (you guessed it) a racist. We all heard how Virginia’s Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax treated Vanessa Tyson when she was unwilling, he forced her to give him a job!

Then again, I suspect America can expect similar results if these maniacs are ever permitted to regain control of the government. How long do you think before they introduce an “individual mandate” on work? Once the government completely controls every aspect of the economy, and abolishes private employment, how long before they expect racists to get fired from their government guaranteed “green” jobs, just like they demanded we be fired from the private sector?

You might be saying to yourself “This will never work, so why get worked up about it?”

And you would be half right.

They’ll never manage to accomplish the goals outlined in this plan, but that was never the actual goal. This plot makes no effort to be factually accurate because the goal is to be “morally right” and as we’ve seen with the Left time and again, that means using violence against the morally deficient “factually accurate” folks like you and me. The “Green New Deal” is an incoherent ploy to control every aspect of the human condition at the point of government guns. What happens after that is really besides the point, as far as the Left is concerned.


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Outlaw Conservative S01E005 – State of the Outlaw

It has been quite a week since we last spoke, fellow outlaws. The communists have devised a biological weapon which took me out of commission over the weekend, rendering me incapable of doing my uncensored production on Monday. Either that, or I caught the flu. I am inclined to believe the latter, but I have learned from my study of our enemy that one should never attribute to chance, that which can be explained by treason.

In either case, I am back to about 80% of my power level today, and I am glad to have the chance to speak with you. Last we spoke, I brought to you a recording from the People’s Democratic Republic of Virginia. An enemy stronghold which held me captive for eleven months, and to this day holds some of our best men as prisoners of this war. On that recording, you heard our ruthless and terrible foe advocate the murder of infants, and by this I do not mean the routine slaughter our federal government subsidizes to the tune of half a billion dollars a year, but rather the celebratory rise of a new frontier in depravity.

As they did in New York, our foe sought to legalize unlimited abortion, right up until the moment of birth. A practice so barbaric, that even as the mother was in labor, and the only medically advisable thing to do would be to deliver a live baby, the adherents of this monstrous death cult would pierce the child’s skull with a scissor just before it had the chance to breathe the same air as you and I, depriving it of the opportunity to scream for the help it was entitled to by the laws of both God and Man.

That measure, we can be thankful, failed in committee. Indeed we must be thankful that it failed there, because had it made its way to the governor’s desk, it would certainly have become law. What I failed to deliver to you last Wednesday, before we ran out of time, was something even more horrible than what I have here described thus far. The Democrat governor of that Commonwealth, Ralph Northam, a former pediatric neurologist, went still further in a subsequent radio interview. In that interview, he declared it would be acceptable to kill the child even after it had been born.

Now, I understand that reasonable people can debate the subject of abortion. There are those who make a convincing argument that our demographic problems in the United States would be exponentially worse were this practice pushed underground. Morality, much as I would like to think of it as firm and constant, is not universally agreed upon, and there are worthwhile distinctions to be made between “us” and “them”.

Yet I shiver to think, that as a woman was in labor, having second thoughts at the last moment, that she might cry out “No! Make it stop!” and a responsible physician would say anything other than “It’s going to be okay, Momma! Your son or daughter will be here any second and you’re going to be so proud!” That instead, some anti-human ghoul with a scalpel would gleefully pierce that child’s brain, and deliver a murder victim instead of a healthy child. Or worse, as Governor Northam described, that a healthy child would be delivered, kept comfortable, and then, after a deliberation of the adults in the room, they would decide whether that healthy child would live or die.

In a society which would even contemplate legalizing such barbarism, what choice have we but to become outlaws? If that’s the law, then make a criminal out of me. If that is what you call the liberation of women, then let me proudly bear the label of patriarchal oppressor. Surely freedom is a small price to pay, for a woman to never know the guilt of her womb becoming a crime scene.

Now, you might assume from what I’ve said here that Governor Northam’s career would be ended by such a horrifying reveal, and indeed it does appear that Mr. Northam has lost the support of his own party. Sadly though, it was not his bloodlust for newborns which incurred this penalty.

On the first day of Black History Month, BigLeaguePolitics.com revealed a page from the Governor’s 1984 medical school yearbook, which contained a photo of two men. One of the men wore a KKK hood, the other had his face darkened by makeup. For this supposedly “racist” display, the Democrats quickly drew their shivs, and went in for the kill. At long last, the Left’s race war abandoned its partisan roots. We pause here to remind the reader that this actually happened, and the 1984 reference is purely coincidental.

Northam quickly acknowledged his decision to appear in the photo, and apologized for it in a video statement released via Twitter. When CNN aired the apology, they “mistakenly” identified Northam as a Republican. No fake news here, move on, citizen.

But when this failed to appease the mob, Northam reversed course, now insisting that he had not been in this particular racist photo. He explained that his confusion stemmed from yet another day when he donned shoe polish upon his face, to participate in a dance contest dressed as Michael Jackson who, in 1984, was still black.

But even this lie would not quell the racial rebellion which had to this point in time been reserved strictly for Republicans. Northam, shocked by the seething hatred coming from his own party, refused to resign his post. In his own mind, he was an ally of the mob. He had, after all, endorsed a baseless allegation of racism against his opponent Ed Gillespie in the general election, which won him the office from which he was now expected to resign. Surely he cursed the poor training of this pets, who had now so savagely turned on him.

One of those pets was his own Lieutenant Governor, Justin Fairfax. Fairfax, a black man himself, stopped short of calling for the Governor’s resignation. He played it cool, awaiting instead the mob’s vengeance to bring him his imminent promotion. Yet, the impossible and contradictory virtue standards of the Left quickly seized upon him as well.

A woman named Vanessa Tyson alleges that Fairfax sexually assaulted her at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Tyson had brought her survival story to the Washington Post but, in stark contrast to their coverage of Brett Kavanaugh, the Post let the story “die in darkness”.

Fairfax denies the allegation, saying that though the encounter did in fact occur, it was consensual. This matters not, of course, because “We believe survivors” is the new mantra of the Left. Evidence matters not, only accusations, because all men are guilty of rape by virtue of their masculinity, which is by definition toxic. Recall the “Smash Racism DC” mob confronting Ted Cruz at a restaurant, chanting exactly this. Recall Kamala Harris, Mazie Hirono, and Kirsten Gillibrand all saying that they believed Christine Ford, even in the face of exculpatory evidence, just because she was a so called “survivor”.

To say the least, it will be interesting to see how these supposed standards hold up, now that the accused is a black Democrat. One suspects that the Keith Ellison standard will prevail over the Brett Kavanaugh standard.

And then, just last night, God Emperor Trump gave his State of the Union address. The speech had been postponed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a political tactic during the government shutdown. Now, having gotten Trump to fold before the food stamp riots ensued, Nancy invited the President to give his address.

Democrat women dressed in all white, and refused to stand during moments which brought others to their feet. Moments like record low black unemployment, protecting newborn infants from murder, honoring veterans, infrastructure spending, and even paid family leave. They certainly did not appreciate Trump’s pledge that America would never become a socialist country.

One thing they did all cheer for, that the entire body stood and cheered for, was women’s record participation in our labor force, and in our government. If anything makes me doubt the sincerity of our president, it is this. He watches Tucker Carlson. He knows what this feminist plague has done to our birthrates.

It is this slavish dedication to the false god of egalitarianism that has caused our citizenry to stop replacing itself. It is this failure to reproduce which Democrats credit with their diabolical immigration policy. President Trump knows this, and yet he cheers on this insanity, as the one point those who have pledged to destroy him enthusiastically endorse.

The seeds of our destruction have been sown, watered, fertilized, and sprouted. They have been nurtured, and grown, and now comes time for the harvest. In the halls of our Congress, the men and women we elected to guide our nation to prosperity, stand and cheer loudly for the very thing which makes our demise most certain. The Left tells us that our men are wicked, and then tells our women to behave like us. Our leaders, whether convinced by the lies or in on the plot, rise to their feet and cheer for this savagery.

The state of our Union, fellow outlaws, is not strong. It is long dead, and in the late stages of decay. The political bonds which have connected us to our countrymen have long been dissolved, and if we are to survive at all, we must assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle us.

What’s next? Beats me, but I look forward to finding out, and hearing from you at 808-4-OUTLAW if you would like to be on the show, this and every Wednesday from 5-7pm US Eastern time.

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Radical Agenda S05E011 – Great Moments in Black History

Another month, another leftist social justice cause.

January was Stalking Awareness Month, and Human Trafficking Awareness Month. In March we have Women’s History Month. In April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month. In May, Haitian Heritage, Jewish American Heritage, and Mental Health Awareness, Month.  In June we have LGBT Pride Month. In September, it’s National Hispanic Heritage Month. October is of course packed to the brim, with month long observances for Filipino American History, LGBT History, Bullying Prevention, Disability Employment Awareness, and Domestic Violence Awareness. November brings us World Vegan Month, Native American History Month, World Quanza Month, and of course, the new fad, Transgender Awareness Month.

Radical Agenda S05E011 - Great Moments in Black History

Radical Agenda S05E011 – Great Moments in Black History

That can all be a bit much to keep track of, but you’ll forget the Holocaust before you forget Black History Month. Ah yes, the noble negro, long oppressed by the White devil, yet still he managed to contribute so much to the American way of life.

The vibrant diversity of black culture has given us great gifts, like half of all violent crime, a third of food stamp recipients, and 34% of our incarcerated population. Let’s not forget Gangsta Rap, without which we surely never would have made it this far. Peanut Butter is pretty cool too.

So today on the Radical Agenda, we’ll bring you some of the greatest moments in Black History that you won’t see on television. Great Americans like Hank Johnson, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and the DC Snipers, helped make America what it is today. Without them, we would be doomed to a life of civil cooperation, meaningful political discourse, honest economic interaction, and above replacement level birthrates.

Where would America be without Angel Adams? With her 15 kids by three baby daddies, none of whom provide her with any support, she gave the  Radical Agenda our beloved “Somebody gots ta pay, for all my chilren” sound clip.

Then there’s the ObamaPhone lady, who provided White America with countless laughs and spawned remix after remix of musical joy.

Without Black Americans, we wouldn’t find food stamps nearly as funny. Today we’ll go over some of the best moments in food stamp freakouts.

But the best moments in Black History cannot be written. They must be heard. So be sure to tune into this very special episode of the Radical Agenda.

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls, at 740-I-AM-1488

Join us this and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5-7pm Eastern, for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about timeless ideas, the news of the day, and whatever is on your mind at 740-I-AM-1488

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Outlaw Conservative S01E004 – MediScare For All

Christmas was over a month ago, but with snow on the ground here in the Granite State, and Democrats dropping gifts on conservatives daily, we here at the Outlaw Conservative feel like breaking out the egg nog and celebrating.

Since the age requirement of presidential candidates is one of few articles of our constitution the Left has not yet managed to subvert, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez will not be running for President next year. In her stead, Kamala Harris has taken up the banner for the diversity first wing of the Democrat Party. Like Cortez, she builds upon this coalition by appealing to the economically illiterate.

Her “Medicare for all” proposal sounds good on its face to the uninitiated. “Free health care” is a literal no brainer. If you don’t think about it, it’s fantastic. Everybody likes free stuff, and it’s hard to think of anything more valuable than lifesaving medicine produced and practiced by the greatest minds the world has to offer.

Best of all, the socialism of Cortez and Harris isn’t that racist socialism of those icky “National” socialists. No walls for them, and certainly no KKK-esque ICE agents deporting illegal immigrants who walk across that wide open space that used to delineate American sovereignty, back in the bad ole days. Medicare for all is something they take literally, no discrimination whatsoever. If you walk into a doctor’s office within any territorial jurisdiction they control, you can get everything from abortion to euthanasia from the benevolent hand of the State. No questions asked, no payments required.

Fortunately for Democrats, our immigration, economic, and social policies for the last half century have produced an abundance of no brainer types. Indeed, Vox’s Dylan Scott describes the Medicare for all plan as the Democrat Party’s “litmus test” for 2020. The Party of Poverty loves them some dummies, and when they run short domestically, they aim for imports, hence the abhorrence of immigration enforcement.

It seems exceedingly unlikely that anyone is going to have a chance of winning a Democrat primary without this pie in the sky promise. If you want to be the Democrat Party’s nominee for president, you’ll have to go for the lowest common denominator. This isn’t limited to Cortez and Harris. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Pete Buttigieg, and many others have supported the proposal.

Then again, the party of Political Correctness might want to consider just how correct this works out to be, in the politics beyond the primary. Some savvy folks who understand the rules of the democracy game decided to ask the American people what they thought. When given a simple question like “Do you want free health care” they of course tend to say yes. Tell them that it would eliminate private insurance, drive taxes through the roof, and cause all manner of other problems, and they reconsider.

Moreover, not all Democrats are inner city poors. Some actually work for a living, and others are wealthy elites, rootless cosmopolitan types without much loyalty to a country, much less a party. Wealthy, White presenting billionaires like Mike Bloomberg and Howard Schultz are none too enthused about the proposal. They, rightly, point out that it would bankrupt the country, and that our existing debt burden threatens the security of the Nation as it stands. Elizabeth Warren’s “ultra millionaire’s tax” on wealth, would chase capital out of this country faster than a New York feminist can drive a spike through a third trimester fetal skull. Combine all that with open borders and even Bernie Sanders breaks out the calculator.

Enter Howard Schultz. If you had told me five years ago that this lifelong Democrat and former Starbucks CEO would be the savior of this country, I’d have laughed at you. Yet, here we find ourselves with the very real prospect of him being indicted by Robert Mueller on campaign finance violations for giving the Trump campaign something truly priceless.

Not only is Schultz calling out the economic insanity of both parties, he’s plotting to run as a center left independent. A Democratic Ross Perot. The perfect middle ground for self loathing middle class American Citizens who think it sinful to vote for Trump, but don’t want their country destroyed by the far Left. He gives those soon to be former Democrats the perfect excuse to walk out of that voting booth with their heads held high knowing that they are neither racists nor idiots, a rare opportunity indeed.

Trump says Schultz lacks the guts, and though many suspect he’s just egging the guy on, it would be a brave move indeed. Those who oppose the Left’s pernicious pursuit of plenary and perpetual political power, tend to find themselves in the crosshairs of nefarious types. His ethnic background is unlikely to protect him from the accusation of being a Nazi, and Nazis often find their medical expenses piling up at the hands of masked anarchists immune from prosecution.

It’s going to be an interesting couple of years, fellow outlaws. It’s getting ugly out there, no doubt, but methinks the intersectional Left is about to meet some challenges in keeping their rainbow coalition together as the pressure mounts. The Democrat strategy of wiping out the middle class in favor of the ultra rich and ultra poor was bound to see interests diverge at some point. Beyond the class divides, the women’s march got accused of anti-Semitism for their embrace of Louis Farrakhan, feminists are in revolt against transgenderism, immigration is negatively impacting the wages and employment prospects of African Americans, and if you thought it was bad politics to attack ethnic minorities, it’s even dumber to attack the ethnic majority.

Meanwhile, whatever the countless flaws of the GOP, there’s no question among us as to who we view as the least of the evils. Trump may have caved on the government shutdown, but that’s what happens when you play chicken with the Left. Their entire program is the destruction of this country, and shooting hostages is their hobby.

What’s next? Beats me, but I look forward to finding out, and hearing from you at 808-4-OUTLAW if you would like to be on the show, this and every Wednesday from 5-7pm US Eastern time.

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Radical Agenda S05E010 – Identity 2020

“Who are we, as Americans?” asked Kamala Harris at her official campaign kickoff event in Oakland, California. She didn’t actually answer her own question, preferring instead to say who “we” are not.

Mrs. Harris told the crowd “we” are “better than this,” a shot at the current state of affairs in her signature vagueness. She said “our” America is not one where “White supremacists march, and murder, in Charlottesville” hammering home in perhaps the starkest terms yet why the President was a fool for ceding that weekend’s narrative to the lying Jewish filth who framed James Fields. She spent much of the rest of her speech talking about women, blacks, gays, trannies, Jews, invaders, and various other identity groups, who are not White heterosexual males.

To these groups she promised free health care, and “debt free” college, no doubt to be paid for by the one group she does not think this government ought to represent.

Radical Agenda S05E010 - Identity 2020

Radical Agenda S05E010 – Identity 2020

Bernie Sanders, interestingly enough, seems to be the only person with a voice on the left, perhaps in the whole country, who sees this as troublesome. “There are people who are very big into diversity but whose views end up being not particularly sympathetic to working people, whether they’re white or black or Latino,” he told GQ Magazine in a recent interview. He continued, “My main belief is that we need to bring together a coalition of people—of black and white and Latino and Asian-American and Native-American—around a progressive agenda which is prepared to take on an extraordinarily powerful ruling class in this country. That is my view. Many of my opponents do not hold that view, and they think that all that we need is people who are candidates who are black or white, who are black or Latino or woman or gay, regardless of what they stand for, that the end result is diversity.”

He hastened to add that “diversity is enormously important,” but there was a bigger goal: “to change society and create an economy and a government that work for all people.”

It was an interesting confession, which reveals a split in the Democrat Party. Perhaps more importantly, it reveals an ethnic divide on the Left. For Kamala Harris, a mixed race negress, and others of her mindset, diversity is the goal, it is the whole entire point. For Bernie Sanders, an ethnic Jew, diversity is the means by which to reach to a very different end than folks like Harris and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez would like to see us reach.

Recall that in 2015, Bernie said to Ezra Klein at Vox “Open borders? No, that’s a Koch brothers proposal.”

Klein responded “It would make a lot of global poor richer, wouldn’t it?”

To which Bernie replied, “It would make everybody in America poorer —you’re doing away with the concept of a nation state, and I don’t think there’s any country in the world that believes in that. If you believe in a nation state or in a country called the United States or UK or Denmark or any other country, you have an obligation in my view to do everything we can to help poor people.” He continued “I think from a moral responsibility we’ve got to work with the rest of the industrialized world to address the problems of international poverty, but you don’t do that by making people in this country even poorer.”

Bernie Sanders loves him some diversity, because he likes the fact that diversity means more people stupid enough to believe in his economic agenda. He wants just enough diversity to bring about the political defeat of the White men he hopes to fleece, but not so much that at it destroys the productive elements of the economy. Perhaps more saliently, he wants just enough diversity to prevent White goyim from being able to assert themselves politically, as they did in the second quarter of the prior century in Europe.

Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Bradley Manning, and the tranny sex cult commonly known as Antifa, want to open the borders because they are driven by far darker and more animal instincts. Open borders, free stuff for everybody, dance in the rubble.

Bernie Sanders wants to use the colored hordes to enslave Whites, but that Jewish plot has resulted in an unexpected, though predictable twist. That same colored horde, wants to destroy the White societies they can never hope to measure up to, and the Jewish lies of equality have given them enough political power to come within striking distance of that goal.

Another fun component of this Jewish plot run amok, will be the pseudo Whiteness of Bernie Sanders himself, and that of his coethnics. On the Democrat primary debate stage, race will be the top issue, and since Leftist views on race are incoherent, it will not be much of a debate at all. Bernie, we can expect, will be accused of having “White privilege” as his pet browns turn the race card inward. Bernie often refers to himself as White, but one wonders if he will have the ethnic solidarity to refrain from defending himself by reminding Americans that Jews are anything but.

It would seem that Bernie is not the only Jew who sees the perils ahead. Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, a lifelong Democrat who has given tens of thousands of dollars to Democrat candidates over the years, is contemplating his own run as an independent Presidential candidate in 2020. Democrats are predictably upset about this, because it will grant a very obvious advantage to Trump and the Republican Party.

Shultz claims that he will run as a fiscally responsible centrist. So in all fairness, he could attract the support of the Koch Donor Network and anti-Trump neocons. It wouldn’t just be White Democrats fed up with the Leftist race war who might vote for him. But Trump’s popularity in the Republican Party outside the blue checkmark crowd render it unlikely that many Republicans would stray.

One wonders if Shultz and Sanders might actually prefer Trump to the likes of Kamala Harris. They might even work toward his reelection, whether consciously or unconsciously, to protect Jewish interests from the catastrophe that she would bring about. I could imagine Shultz dropping his bid for the White House if Clinton, Biden, or Sanders obtained the nomination, but playing spoiler to Harris on purpose, to prevent their fellow Jews from falling prey to the machinations of their poorly trained pets.

Anything is possible, but there is one certainty that you and I can gleefully count on. White racial awareness will reach a generational, if not all time, high before election day. This past Wednesday, Tucker Carlson wisely said that “Identity politics will destroy this country faster than a foreign invasion”. Depending on how one defines the country, he is either right on target or living on another planet.

Identity politics is definitely ahead of schedule to destroy this ridiculous idea of the multiethnic propositional nation. That idea was always doomed to failure, but the scam could have been dragged out for another generation if the Left had been less ambitious.

Fortunately for you and I, our Nation is anything but propositional. If the State collapses and civil war ensues and new political lines are drawn, our nation survives by way of blood. As White Americans who have spent their entire lives thinking it their moral obligation to remain colorblind, see the diversity parade of the Democrat Party openly declare war on them, color will finally come into very clear focus involuntarily, and you and I can expect to make a lot of new friends.

So let’s be ready for that, shall we? Let’s regain our composure. Let’s make our movement hospitable to newcomers who are uninitiated in our ideas. Let’s not chase away the people our enemies alienate. Let’s have ready as many cogent arguments as edgy jokes. Let’s be fit, sober, well dressed, industrious, and respectful of women. Drop the Nazi shit outside of familiar company, and present as loyal American Republican conservatives. Dylann Roof and Robert Bowers are not the monsters they were made out to be, nor are they the heroes some amongst us would like to think of them as, but victims of the horrors our fellow Americans are just now waking up to.

Push for the same goals, but learn a tactic from the Jews. They knew better than to push transgenderism and open borders ten years ago. Even Obamacare was a transitional step toward socialized medicine to avoid being seen as extremists. They got here by pretending this was all about treating people with decency, and White folks eat that kinda thing up because we’re fundamentally decent people.

We are not the extremists anymore. The anarchists who are setting limos on fire, cutting their dicks off, and encouraging prepubescent children to join them, are the extremists. The politicians and TV talking heads who refuse to call that lunacy what it is, are the true threat to American values.

They’re the ones who want race war, not us. We, the so called “Nazis” they’ve been punching and slandering, we’ve been trying this whole time to warn our countrymen, of the danger they’ve only just become aware of.

When they come looking for us, let’s tell them: “We’re you! You’re us! We have to stick together! Welcome to the fight. Let’s save America, together…”

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls, at 740-I-AM-1488

Join us this and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5-7pm Eastern, for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about timeless ideas, the news of the day, and whatever is on your mind at 740-I-AM-1488

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Radical Agenda S05E009 – Wakanda Martyr Brigades

If you’ve ever heard a Democrat talk, you’ve heard their idiotic creed repeated mindlessly. Like a 2 year old shouting “Mine!” at every shiny object in the house, Leftists shriek “Diversity Is Our Strength!” and condemn all who ask for evidence as thought criminals.

Even as ever more diversity illegally pours across an unsecured border, and riots just recently loomed over an imminent depletion of food stamps, none dare question the mantra.

Personally, I tend to assume the people saying this are malicious and just trying to destroy things. Diversity plus proximity equals conflict, and it is impossible not to notice the staggering lack of demand for diversity in non-white spaces. From this I conclude that the diversity dealers are to White countries, what dope peddlers are to playgrounds, only less libertarian.

With Jews this is obvious. They do not get high on their own diversity supply, of course. In the Jewish State, there is no such thing as an immoral wall, just like there is no such thing as gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, or unrestricted abortion. Far from celebrating diversity, Israeli immigration policy is explicitly racial, and their marriage laws take quite seriously the integrity of their racial heritage.

The Jewish affinity for diversity and all of its perils is reserved for the diaspora. Thus it should come as no surprise that where there is Jewish money in politics, this subversive obsession with diluting the integrity of the Nation appears in equal or greater proportion. In the United States, Jews fund roughly 50% of the Democrat Party, and 25% of the Republican Party. Thus we see the neocon, open borders, war machine, wing of the GOP, and the rainbow coalition of mongrels and degenerates who call themselves Democrats.

And of course, the Democrats have it good with that extra Jewish support. Not only are they flush with cash, they have a cooperative mainstream media paving over their many crimes and riling up angry mobs at all who dare challenge their hegemony. The clear and catastrophic failures of their ideology is hardly relevant to our discourse anymore. Whereas the Internet once was viewed as a way to break the disinformation frame of the Jews, we alas discovered that it was just one more system of control, like the Oracle of the Matrix.

Radical Agenda S05E009 - Wakanda Martyr Brigades

Radical Agenda S05E009 – Wakanda Martyr Brigades

But if it is true that diversity destroys, perhaps the Democrats have doomed themselves beyond repair by drinking their own Kool Aid. Much fuss was made about the femaleness and diversity of the incoming members of the House of Representatives, following last year’s Blue squirt in the midterms. A fully radicalized Democrat caucus is wholly unconcerned with governing, convinced by the TV talking heads that “Resisting” Trump is their only obligation. They do not have to be factually accurate, just “morally right” as the infamous Alexandria Ocasio Cortez so eloquently put it.

Together they brought the federal government to a screeching halt, and though this posed perils for the entire country, it had simultaneously given President Trump the needed pretext for declaring a state of emergency, and using his powers therefrom to reallocate $7 billion for the border wall instead of the initially requested $5.7 billion. Still a drop in the bucket, no doubt. The project was initially estimated at $25 billion, and since government cost projections are accurate less frequently than weather reports, the country is still doomed, but at least this would have really pissed off the Left, and sometimes that’s the best we can hope for these days.

As the left gets angry, they make mistakes, and we advance by the errors of our rivals.

Unfortunately, thoguh predictably, since I had written this show description yesterday, the President caved, and signed a temporary funding measure to reopen the government for three weeks until February 15th.

President Trump could easily lose in 2020. More popular incumbents certainly have. The media has relentlessly savaged his reputation. Mueller has indicted and imprisoned several of his closest associates. He has alienated his base by cucking to the Jews on foreign policy, and anti-Semitism. His own party has sabotaged his immigration agenda. The Democrats could easily regain total control over the federal government in pretty short order if they played their cards right.

We are quite fortunate then to see that they have instead chosen to flip the table and throw a temper tantrum. This sort of increasingly unhinged behavior is becoming a bit much even for the Jewish press to cover for.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about transgenderism, so I won’t invest too much time in it today, but it bears repeating that this abomination is a sure loser for the Left. Even feminist victims of Jewish brainwashing are able to see the dangers with this sort of “equality” making its way into their bathrooms. Transgender freaks are now equating TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) with “White Supremacy” which, ought to do wonders for the impending narrative collapse.

This didn’t stop Kamala Harris from making this one of her first issues as she announced her run for the presidency recently, one of what are sure to be many tragic mistakes on her part as she enters the meat grinder that will be the 2020 Democrat Primary.

During the 2016 primary season, I reluctantly forced myself to sit through the Democrat primary debates just to stay informed. I was far more interested in the Republicans, and Clinton’s victory was certain no matter who voted for what. Next round, I will single handedly drive up the price of popcorn, as I watch these idiots try to Tanya Harding one another, and drive away what few White voters remain in the Democrat Party.

Key to this process will be Kamala Harris herself, who some speculate might actually become the nominee. Myra Adams at Real Clear Politics so speculates, listing five reasons, and much of her reasoning seems to hold water.

The first reason Myra lists is that Harris is a woman, which is obviously a very desirable quality in a presidential candidate when you want a country to fail. The second she lists is that Harris is mixed race, which again, is great news for people who hate America and want to make sure it has no chance of survival. The rest is more speculative, and I won’t bother with it here.

What is obvious to savvy White male observers is that being a mixed race woman from California is the only thing that has gained Harris any type of success whatsoever. She is the electoral equivalent of an affirmative action hire, no doubt riding the diversity bandwagon all through law school too. Having watched her speak on TV numerous times, I can promise you that whatever her racial mix, the negro portion got the better of her brain.

She compared Immigration and Customs Enforcement to the KKK during a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. In the Judiciary Committee she tried to pin Charlottesville to Brett Kavanaugh. When that fell flat, she went on to say she believed the obviously false claims against him by Christine Blasey Ford, claiming Ford had “nothing to gain” by falsely accusing a Supreme Court Justice who will radically alter the direction of the country of sexual assault. A GoFundMe for Ford raised over $647,000.

You will not find Kamala Harris participating in serious policy discussions. Everything about her is identity politics, and it ain’t just Nazis who notice. She helped Stephen Colbert make a mockery of her last April by participating in a skit where she was running for the Wakanda Senate. She even promised that she would be willing to pick up a spear and grow marijuana for the fictional negro paradise.

She will create absolute havoc in the Democrat Primary, slandering every male opponent as a sexist and every White opponent as being a closet Nazi. Anyone who dares to call those accusations into question, per Leftist standards, will only confirm that they are exactly what she accuses them of being. Should we be fortunate enough for her to make it to the general election, she is going to look like a complete idiot standing next to Trump, and while a brown skinned woman might help turn out the negro vote vital to Democrat success stories, heterosexual White males who have been voting Democrat their whole lives are definitely going to get sick of this diversity hire blaming all her problems on them before election day.

Better still, the Democrat hatred of Trump will make it impossible for downballot candidates to counter signal her. As Kamala Harris claims that all White males are slave raping monsters who can only be cured by the miracle of transgenderism, those Democrats seeking to gain or hold seats in the legislature will be put in the awkward position of supporting such asinine statements, or facing the ire of the resistance.

So though it may appear that America is lost, we can take comfort in this, my friends. The people who killed our country are going down in flames first, as punishment for breaking the fourth crack commandment.

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Outlaw Conservative S01E003 – For The Children

Back when I was a libertarian, I was focused like a laser beam on restraining government authority. Debating the merits of such and such a policy was thus beyond the scope of my tactics in many cases. Instead, my fellow subversives and I found certain points of resistance common to most policies, and piled on the pressure at those focal points to achieve our desired outcomes in arguments.

The most common one of course, went directly to the libertarian axiom of non-aggression. Whatever policy anyone ever wanted to implement in government was inherently wicked because it necessarily involved some coercive element, even if it was something so innocuous as that it was funded by taxation. “Only a moral outcast would use VIOLENCE to achieve their desired social outcome! You Statist!”

If the target was not swayed by this borderline pacifist moral posturing, the remarkable efficiency of the free market would surely finish the job in most cases. It did not matter if the topic at hand was health care or police departments, privatization was the answer to everything. This tactic was clearly useless in debating leftists, since their wanton lust for failure made them hostile to the very concept of a coherent economic system, but you could sway a good number of conservatives this way on most topics. Like Mitt Romney, most of us like being able to fire people who do a bad job, and there never exists any shortage of government failures to point out, when making the case for market provision of services.

There was one notorious impediment to our propagandizing that many libertarians found challenging to overcome. It was so universal that all libertarians pondered the best way to respond to it. This obstacle to our anti-State agenda was not buried in a philosophy book or some article of the founding documents, but something far more universal and inseparable from the human condition. Our challenge in penetrating this barrier was neither in the complexity of the issue at hand, nor the character limit on Twitter. Indeed it was only three small words which one could find in the vocabulary of any pre-schooler. Were it not for this simple, universal, freedom obliterating phrase, statues of Ayn Rand would surely replace those of MLK, and you could shop around for police departments like you do for car insurance.

“For the Children!”

Oh, how we hated those three little words. Here we are trying to create a market Utopia, and you sheeple are talking about dependent little brats who can’t even sign contracts yet.

I didn’t have kids, and at the time I didn’t even really want them. The same, perhaps unsurprisingly, went for most of my co conspirators. So we really wouldn’t even have an answer for this concern except to repeat the same words, “for the children” in a mocking tone. We would then insist that the interests of children and parents were unworthy of differentiation. Once we had a society of morally upstanding people who did not initiate force, and free markets made us all fabulously wealthy, parents could decide on how to keep their kids away from drugs and sexual predators, if they thought such precautions were worthy of the effort.

Today I have a little bit better of an understanding as to what motivates people, but at the time I was perpetually confused as to why this did not work. Perhaps you’re a libertarian still suffering through this, so I’ll attempt to shed some light on the subject.

Every economist worth his salt knows the name of John Maynard Keynes, who proliferated many of the economic ideas which currently plague the Earth.  In response to critics who warned his designs would fail in the long run, he said smugly, “In the long run, we’re all dead”. Keynes had no children of course, and some speculate this was due to his, shall we say, curious romantic choices. Were it otherwise, perhaps he would have seen beyond the horizon of his own life. Perhaps then, equally short sighted economic policy would not be the norm throughout the developed world today.

Obviously the libertarians in the audience are frustrated at this point, and cursing me for my ignorance. Milton Friedman’s famous “We are all Keynesians now” surely does not apply to them, and the fact that I’ve mentioned someone’s intimate preferences without a rainbow flag in hand obviously makes me the worst sort of ignorant fool. Fortunately, I am no dummy. I know that Keynes is the archetypal supervillain of every libertarian effort to cram economics into children’s books.

The point being made is that the same short sightedness which gives validity to critiques of Keynesian economics, is likewise endemic to the prevailing libertarian perspective on what most would describe as social issues. “My body my choice” is fine if you think your body is the only thing that matters, but for those of us with higher aspirations than our own immediate gratification, “for the children” is a very real concern which cannot be dismissed by mocking tones or moral posturing.

Moreover, “for the children” is not a concern limited to one’s own offspring. Your certainty that you would provide your kids with the best education the market can offer, or that you would teach your kids not to use drugs, or that your kids will not seek cosmetic surgery below the belt because they saw a YouTube video, is almost completely irrelevant to the maintenance of the broader population. Who we live amongst, how they behave, and what that all will lead to in three generations, is actually of the utmost importance to many adults.

Since this is so important, we cannot think of it only in simple and direct terms. The simplistic view of “I am not being stabbed in this moment, therefore there is no aggression” is rightly rejected by sane people who are capable of spotting patterns.

We do not want to wait until one of our children is harmed by a predator before we act. So if someone is discovered with videos of children being exploited, the moral theorizing of leftists and libertarians over how the non-aggression principle applies to such material is irrelevant. We want our society to be as hostile as we can make it to people with such proclivities. So even material produced without the actual exploitation of a child, such as that depicted in cartoons or digital animations, or even written fiction on the subject, is met with similar hostility. We do not want to permit the cultural acceptance of any level of child exploitation, or ideations thereof, so we suppress it through force of law.

Drugs, no matter how much propaganda is pedaled by the now booming marijuana industry, are bad. Mmmkay? The lifestyle that comes along with using drugs is harmful enough before we discuss the health impacts of individual substances. Debates over the disparate impacts of marijuana vs. alcohol vs. cocaine are thus not central to the issue at hand. The society at large is best served by sober young people growing up to be sober adults, and the best way to accomplish this is to prevent drugs from becoming culturally acceptable. Thus we suppress both supply and demand through force of law. If we had our wits about us, we would suppress it in media and culture as well, just like we do with child exploitation.

Pro-drug propaganda parading as free speech or political debate, is no less harmful than media portraying the exploitation of children. We can see this with today’s widespread acceptance and even celebration of marijuana. Just a few short years ago, this was a completely fringe idea being circulated in obscure magazines and on Internet message boards. Of course, as those magazines and message boards reached more and more people, ideas changed, and laws followed. First we got so called “medical marijuana” which was prescribed for everything from stress and headaches to cancer and AIDS. Once the scam nature of those initiatives was on full display, everybody admitted that this was about recreational use the entire time, laws were altered again, and now even the former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner is running around lining his pockets with legalized recreational drug money.

Does it stop there? Of course not. Some US states and localities have just decided that enforcing their drug laws isn’t worth doing. Some of have established “safe” injection sites where junkies can come to get a fix with the assistance of a medical professional. Others hand out clean needles at taxpayer expense. Some have even hired government employees whose only duty is to run around picking up used needles. Last November, Oregon approved language for a ballot referendum which her citizens will vote on in 2020, that would legalize hallucinogenic mushrooms in that state if successful. Anybody who thinks it will stop there, would do well to remember how far the rainbow flag wavers have pushed their agenda.

How many of you remember the good ole days when the discussion of intimacy between two men or two women was limited to what consenting adults did in the privacy of their own bedrooms? Our younger listeners might have trouble remembering a day with out so called “Pride” parades, but people my age and older don’t. Recall that just a few short years ago, Barack Obama knew he had to say “marriage is between one man and one woman” to get elected as President of the United States. Before the end of his second term, the Obergefell vs. Hodges decision came down from the Supreme Court, and the White House was lit up with rainbow lights of celebration. Kim Davis, an elected Democrat in Kentucky, was jailed for obeying the constitution of her State, and refusing to issue these types of marriage licenses.

Once they had their so called “marriage equality” did they stop there? Of course not.

The newest form of bigotry, in the twisted minds of leftists, was insisting that men stay out of the ladies room. This new revolution of so called “gender identity” was perhaps the boldest we’ve ever seen. They skipped entirely the usual formalities common to the progressive initiatives of old. They never bothered to present an even slightly moderated position on the issue. They did not even bother with privacy or personal autonomy like the old libertarian scams. They went straight to forcing non-discrimination on the populace, and demonizing anyone who questioned it as a thought criminal who deserved to be assaulted without recourse to the law. So rapidly did this insanity make it to the forefront of our politics, that when Kamala Harris announced her run for the presidency, it was one of the first topics she addressed.

Remember back when they used to accuse us of paranoia for saying this ever expanding alphabet soup of intimate proclivities was aimed at poisoning the minds of our children? That’s out the window now. Today the happenings of consenting adults in their own bedrooms are taught to children in elementary schools. In public libraries throughout the country, a special “story hour” is now hosted by men in dresses who tell toddlers about gender diversity and all the wonders that become possible once biology and reproduction cease to play any part in our discussions on such subjects. Even the new face of the Democrat Party, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a wonderfully diverse woman whose ancestors fled the Spanish inquisition for Puerto Rico generations ago, recently participated in an online fundraiser for children who might be interested in switching restrooms at some point. They raised over $340,000 in the process, you might be interested to know.

I have a question for the parents in the audience. Would you rather your child smoke marijuana, or begin taking hormones which will sterilize them before they are old enough to understand the implications of such a course?

Trick question. Now they’re going to do both, and if you don’t like it, the Democrats will send CPS to take your babies away.

Now some questions for the libertarians. Surely you share my disgust for CPS breaking up families, right? Surely you agree that parents have a right to make medical decisions for their pre-adolescent children, right? If so, would it not be better if we had stopped this insanity a dozen steps ago in the process?

All of this could have been prevented if, when somebody told us “It’s none of your business what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms!” We shouted back “Yes, actually, it is our business”. As a society, we could stand up and say, “We have standards, and if some number of our people do not meet those standards, then we have all the sympathy in the world for them, but we are not going to change the standards and sterilize our children to accommodate for those failures.”

The Left understands this, and if the Right hopes to save any remnant of our society, we’ll have to figure it out too.

Look at this recent mess with the boys from the Covington Catholic school. Fox News and others have been celebrating how the scam got so completely exposed as a total fraud, and we should be happy that the Left got caught in one of the countless such lies they tell each day. But too many of our friends in the conservative media seem to miss the broader strategy at work.

It turns out this supposed Native American Activist, Mr. Philips, was not in fact, a Vietnam veteran. Similarly to Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal, Mr. Philips was enlisted during the time of the war, but never actually deployed, yet this did not stop lying Leftists from calling him a war hero to further their narrative. I would also be interested to know what tribe the surname “Philips” hails from, if anybody wants to call in and tell me.

It turns out the only people hurling racial epithets were the so called “Black Hebrew Israelites” whom the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated a hate group, not that I usually find such designations helpful. They said things so disgusting to these young boys that I will not burden the listener with such filth.

Far from being a bunch of marauding Nazis looking for a fight, the boys were waiting for a bus to pick them up when they were confronted by these savages. No chants of “Build the Wall” were forthcoming, contradicting the story Mr. Philips told the Leftist media.

Once all of this was exposed, some commentators who had previously called for the assault and execution of these kids, quietly deleted their tweets. Some apologized, others doubled down anyway.

The expectation now is to move onto the next ridiculous race baiting lie the Leftist media infects our national discourse with, in the hopes that they’ll get away with it like they did in August of 2017 and countless other times. And of course, the so called conservative media will let them, because they would not want to risk being criticized or losing ad revenues.

Anybody who thinks this was a win for the Right missed the point. The Left terrorized these children and their families. So great was the terror, that their school closed for a day due to threats of violence. The Left specializes in this sort of terrorism, and getting caught in the act does not matter because the goal is to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents, and in this they have succeeded. Anybody who had paid the slightest bit of attention to all the so-called Nazi punching these black clad anarchists have been doing in the last sixteen months would understand this perfectly, but lord have mercy on the career of the man who was seen as siding with anyone accused of being a Nazi, no matter how much video evidence there is to back up the claim.

The Left does not wait until the supposed horrors of fascism actually arrive before they break out into hysterics. Were they to do that, they would never have the opportunity to riot. They find the first tiny spark of opposition to their hegemony, and they throw everything they’ve got at it. They analyze demographic trends, and set out to destroy entire categories of human beings before any of those people have any opportunity to even understand the conflict. With each social and political success they accomplish, they create new and increasingly bizarre categories of protected persons and behaviors to justify their violence and deception. When no opposition is present, they attack innocent bystanders, just to keep the population afraid of their wrath.

The Left hated those kids for the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, and their hats. That’s why the fake Vietnam Vet and the black supremacists accosted them in the first place. That’s why the video was deceptively edited. That’s why the mainstream media promoted this lie. That’s why social media erupted with threats of violence, and why the same social media companies who have been censoring conservatives for so called hate speech, allowed the calumnies and terrorism to go unchecked on their platforms.

Remember how they told us it was a mortal sin to criticize these Parkland kids for their political activism? As they went from coast to coast trying to drum up support for gun grabs, staged protests, and attacked conservative voices, we were told only a monster would dare mention them. But threatening to lock these kids in their school and burn it down was the pinnacle of human virtue because they were on the wrong team.

The Left won the culture war, which I ought to note is the prelude to the martial conflict, because they recognize better than anyone, that it really is all about the children. They destroy the children who might someday grow up to oppose them. Preferably they prevent the kids from being conceived at all, and in the unfortunate event of conception, they always have Planned Parenthood. Should these obstacles to their agenda survive to birth, they poison their minds in the public schools. Should the parents be fortunate enough to be able to afford a private education, they use the media to gin up the mob in the hopes of ending their lives before adulthood.

Those who witness these horrors learn their lesson, and dare not step out of line. I recently had a conversation with a man who was afraid to have children of his own, for fear that they might suffer the ordeals we’re discussing. When that takes its predictable toll and birthrates plummet, do they stop? Of course not, they never do.

They just bring in a whole new population to be enslaved upon our ashes, and they’ll keep doing this until the end of time. That is, unless somebody like you stops them.

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