Outlaw Conservative S01E011 – IRL

It’s getting hectic out there, folks. Girls are marrying girls, and boys are trying to become girls to get in on the action. Communist riots are considered protests, while Right wing social media posting is considered terrorism. People in New Zealand are being arrested for having a video of the #1 news story in the world. Even though per person incomes are up in the United States, a recently released happiness index says we’re the most miserable we’ve been since they started tracking it. Maybe that’s why Nazis are supporting Asian Democrat communists for the presidency of the United States.

Clown World, folks. Welcome to it.

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Years ago I realized that I could never assume the Left had gotten as crazy as they could get. I used to think this often, and was proven wrong so many times, and so quickly, that it caused my head to spin. If they get their Green New Deal, and all the cars and planes stop moving, they won’t be satisfied that the environment is saved. They’ll just move onto banning bovine flatulence, which, oh yeah that’s right, is already part of the agenda. If they get their 70 or 90 percent top tax rate, they won’t thank the rich for paying their fair share and get back to responsibly managing the affairs of State. They’ll just keep on altering the definitions of fair and rich until everyone is considered rich and nobody is treated fairly. If they get their open borders and displace the dominant group in every Nation they set upon, they won’t bask in the glory of equality and call it a day. They’ll rather set to work hunting down and destroying every last drop of quality blood left on the Earth.

For them, there is no retreat. There is no surrender. There is no compromise. There is no satiating their wanton lust for for destruction and decline. No common denominator is too low for their egalitarian sadomasochistic fantasies. There will never be too many genders, or too few eye or hair colors. Nobody is too dumb, too ugly, or too poor, to reproduce. No baby is too old to be aborted.

The only limits Leftists know, are those imposed on them by others. In a healthy society, this unenviable task is handled by the State. In democratic societies, the State proves too weak and indecisive to handle this all important task, and so the limits are imposed by economic catastrophe, foreign militaries, and insurrection.

That’s your future, and it might not be far off.

Americans will go to the polls in just 593 days. Trump’s signature issue is just completely out the window at this point. The total number of illegal aliens who remain in the United States despite final deportation orders is 1,009,550 right now, according the Conservative Review. Despite this, US Customs and Border Protection announced that they are going to stop detaining illegal immigrant families at the border, because so many are coming that they just don’t have the capacity to hold them anymore. “No emergency here!” says every Democrat, and a dozen Republicans in the US Senate.

No problem though, we’ll just take the emergency order all the way to the Supreme Court, where John Roberts will conveniently side with the Left, as at least one Republican appointee always does when it really matters. No problem though, we’ll just keep voting Republican until there are no swing votes, or until the country is so overwhelmed by immigrants that there are no Republicans to vote for, whichever comes first.

And when Democrats take control, whether it’s through the ballot box on election day or by storming the gates while speaking in tongues on the next, what will they do? They’ll lower the voting age to sixteen, grant amnesty and voting rights to the illegal immigrants they’ve been subsidizing, pack the Supreme Court with their fellow communists, abolish the electoral college, abolish the filibuster, and perhaps the whole entire Senate. That ought to stop any pesky obstacles to their complete domination of the country.

On the bright side, they’re going to legalize drugs, and they’ll be handing out a thousand bucks a month so, you won’t actually have to be conscious through any of this. Once we’re a genderless, raceless, classless – well, this probably doesn’t qualify as a society at this point, but – a genderless, raceless, classless, bunch of meat sacks with no beauty standards or concern for reproduction, getting laid will be easy. We can have fun, enjoy the decline.

Or, we can try to do something other than fret about the day to day activities of the President.

Now, if you’ve been keeping up with me for awhile, you already know what I’m talking about. Political migration and secession. We move to an area, establish profitable businesses, and hire people of like mind who would also like to move to that area. We repeat this process, over and over again, bringing enough of our own people to that area, that we can take over the local government democratically. We keep doing this, expanding outward, then capturing the county government, then the state government, then branch into a neighboring state, and we continue to do this at least until we govern enough territory as to establish defensible borders, and then we declare independence, through our legislatures. There is your peaceful and lawful path to salvation, and I fear it may well be your only one.

There are a number of challenges to this of course. The people who run things don’t want us to succeed, most notably. They do everything in their power just to stop us from being heard or making a living, and they certainly do not want us to gain a toehold on political power. That’s why they sabotage me worse than anybody, I figure. What I’m talking about can actually work, they know it, and they want me destroyed. Everybody gets it from our enemies, right? You might have noticed, I get it from people who pretend to be our friends, too.

I mean, you get banned from Twitter or YouTube its like, welcome to the club. I even got banned from Gab! Some Left wing journalist goes and tells a lie about you, I recall a famous author saying your day had been wasted if one hadn’t. I, on the other hand, get slandered by people who claim to be devotees of that author. Heck, I let some twerp who said he was a fan into my house for less than 5 minutes, and he created an entire YouTube channel for no other purpose than telling lies about that brief interaction.

I could go on complaining, but hopefully you get the idea. We’ve got trust issues, and these things are not going to get solved by listening to podcasts or posting to social media. This requires face time.

I’ve recognized this problem for awhile, and I had a plan to deal with it last year. Those of you who have been following me for awhile will recall that I planned to do a bit of a tour for my uncensored production when I got back from Virginia. Sadly, my revenues for that operation were sabotaged, and I had to put that on the back burner.

Thankfully, we are in a better place now, and I intend to do some traveling very soon. So if you are in or near any of the following states – Vermont, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Indiana, or Ohio – and you would like to meet with me, I would be very interested in hearing from you at OutlawConservative.com/contact.

I am not 100% certain that I will make it to all of those states. That list is sort of an optimal situation where I get around as much as possible in places where my carry permit is honored. How many of those places I actually get to will depend on who is interested in meeting, who is willing to submit to my vetting process (which I’ll tell you now, means that you’ll have to dox yourself to me), and what level of financial support is forthcoming. Worst case scenario I’ll be making my way up and down the East Coast, carefully avoiding the People’s Democratic Republic of Virginia

Speaking of financial support, you can sign up for an Outlaw Conservative Premium Membership at OutlawConservative.com/join, or you can donate to Outlaw Conservative until your heart’s content at TipTheHost.com. We take all major credit cards, eChecks, and cryptocurrency over there. I try to make it really easy for people to pay me.

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Radical Agenda S05E023 – Late Show

A lot has happened since we last spoke, and there is a lot that I would like to say about it. Unfortunately, as our regularly scheduled 5pm timeslot approaches, I am not done with my show prep, and I do not want to rush this particular episode.

So we will be airing tonight at 10pm US Eastern time instead of our regularly scheduled 5pm.

I hope those of you who regularly listen at 5pm will still be able to join us, and I look forward to hearing from those of you who are usually not able to catch the live show due to the time.

Brenton Tarrant said he hoped that his attack on a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, would cause the political Left to overplay their hand in reaction. In his mind, this overreach would incur an opposite reaction from the Right, which would in turn result in a martial conflict, from which the Right would emerge victorious.

As previously mentioned, this is an increasingly popular theme on the Right. Whether it is from propertarians like John Mark and Curt Doolittle, or the “Yang Gang” crowd, or the usual suspects who cheer on chaos for the sake of chaos, the running theme of “burn it all down” has certainly found fertile ground in which to grow. Say what one will about the likelihood this will result in the desired outcome, it is certainly off to quite a running start, so far as the Leftist overreaction is concerned.

New Zealand Internet Service Providers blocked access to Dissenter.com, home to a browser plugin by the makers of Gab.com, which provides users the ability to comment, uncensored, on web pages which have had their comments section disabled or otherwise moderated. Other sites which hosted video of the shooting, or the suspect’s manifesto, have also been blocked, such as 4chan, 8chan, LiveLeak, and the file-sharing site Mega, have also been blocked at the ISP level, along with ZeroHedge.com. Facebook and YouTube have not been blocked, though Facebook has reportedly removed upwards of 1.5 million copies of the video themselves. Reddit, which once took a hands off approach to content submitted by users, has banned the section or, subreddit known as r/watchpeopledie, and subsequently also banned the adjacent subreddits, r/gore and r/wpdtalk (“watch people die talk”). Even BitChute, which had emerged specifically in response to censorship on other video platforms, has removed the video, stating “This video has been blocked for breaching the site community guidelines, and is currently unavailable.”.

New Zealand police contacted Kiwi Farms founder Joshua Moon, asking him for information about users who had posted about the shooting on that site’s forum. He dismissed the plea by Detective Senior Sergeant John Michael as “a joke”, labelling New Zealand “a small, irrelevant island nation” and “s***hole country”.

The New Zealand government has threatened sentences up to ten years for anyone “possessing” the video, and one 18 year old man has already been charged with distributing it. He has been held without bail.

Sweeping gun control laws are also expected in New Zealand. Details are scarce on the specifics, but the far Left Green Party were among those holding talks about potential reforms, and there is clearly a focus on semi automatic rifles, and possibly the right to carry. Some gun owners have already begun voluntarily turning in or destroying their weapons, while others sought to buy weapons in advance of any changes to the law, before gun dealers stopped the sale of semi automatic rifles.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern donned a hijab when she met with Muslim community members in Christchurch on Saturday. “This is not New Zealand,” she said, while wearing the symbol of submission.

Queensland Sen. Fraser Anning rightly pointed out that “whilst this kind of violent vigilantism can never be justified, what it highlights is the growing fear within our community, both in Australia and New Zealand, of the increasing Muslim presence.” During a press conference, a teenager smashed an egg on him, and he promptly turned around and punched the teenager. A GoFundMe was launched in the boy’s name, and has rewarded him with upwards of $54,000 for the assault.

Shortly after the shooting, Milo Yiannopoulos took to Facebook to describe Islam as a “barbaric, alien” religious culture. For this, he was banned from entering Australia.

Stateside, Dick’s Sporting Goods, which had already removed semi-automatic rifles from its shelves some time ago, announced that they would no longer sell any firearms in their stores and that the firearms they currently held in stock would be destroyed.

Gab.com, known for its defense of controversial speech, announced that a controversial user has been indefinitely banned from the platform. I suspect I am this user.

The Left in America has attempted to, predictably, blame Donald Trump for the massacre. Since he refers to mass immigration as the invasion as it is, and this sentiment is likewise echoed by White Nationalists, they have loudly shouted about the growing “threat” of White Nationalism. Donald Trump said he thought “the group” was very small and had serious problems, downplaying the seriousness of these claims.

Of course, the 201 different Muslim terrorist attacks around the world, which have killed 1,175 people in this year alone, are viewed quite differently, for some reason. The fact that New Zealand al-Qaida suspect Daryl Jones, who was killed in a drone attack in Yemen, was reported to have been radicalized in the Christchurch Muslim community, seems to have received frighteningly scarce attention. Stuff.co.nz is reported to have deleted a story from their site about the connection to Mr. Jones.

So, to this extent, Mr. Tarrant has been wildly successful. I have my doubts about the ultimate outcome, but he has succeeded in provoking the overreach that would frighten the public. The familiar rush to censorship, gun restrictions, and increased racial tensions against whites, are all in full swing. We can be sure that this will not go away quickly, and will grow worse with time.

This leaves the rest of us in a difficult position indeed. I’ve been pretty vocal against the so called “accelerationist” path espoused by many White Nationalists. While I sought to buy time and hope for peaceful political solutions to our crisis, others have opted to endorse Democrat candidates for public office, in the hopes that they would hasten the collapse of the existing intolerable system. It would appear that the momentum at present is fully behind this push toward confrontation, and I have a hard time imagining the reversal of that course.

No effort is being made to address the underlying problem of uncontrolled immigration, and certainly none dare mention Jewish involvement in the fomenting of that problem. Any mention of the severity of this crisis is met, predictably, with accusations of solidarity with a mass murderer. The political discourse is so clouded by hysteria, as to make reasoned debate impossible. Since immigration is an existential crisis, which an increasing number of people feel threatened by, one can predict others will follow the course of Tarrant, just as he followed the course of Breivik, Traini, Roof, and Bowers, before him. This cycle of Whites lashing out against threats to their existence, followed by Leftist exacerbation of those threats, followed by more lashing out, is thus likely to repeat itself, until some sort of ultimate confrontation compels a peaceful separation, or the total annihilation of one side.

It would seem then, that we are all well along the path to something very ugly. The Right is fractured, and under assault. The Left is united in their extremism, they fear nothing, and are without a serious challenge to the advancement of their agenda. A large part of my challenge in preparing for the show today, was in trying to find some sort of hopeful message to convey in the midst of all this.

After trying all day long, I am still incapable of finding one.


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Radical Agenda S05E022 – Revenge for Ebba

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve done a lot of thinking, and talking, about violence. We’ve even had a bit of practice.

At times, we’ve been reckless in discussing the subject. During others, I wonder if we’ve been too cautious.

It is a difficult subject to discuss, to be sure. There are consequences that come with advocating or endorsing violence, and this taints the entire discussion. One can never be sure how others feel about the topic, because one who supports a criminal act, must either hide their identity to express endorsement, or show their face and disguise the endorsement. For all you know, half the talking heads on the TV today talking about how horrific and terrible this recent mass shooting in New Zealand was, are secretly enthusiastic and hoping the race war is upon us.

I hate dishonesty. So I will do my best to be honest with you, despite these challenges.

Radical Agenda S05E022 - Revenge for Ebba

Radical Agenda S05E022 – Revenge for Ebba

I read Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto. I watched the video. I’ve read and listened to various media coverage.

My first reaction is, this kind of thing will definitely continue to happen with increasing frequency, because the decision makers refuse to address the concerns which Brenton raised. Conservative media personalities whose entire careers revolve around taking the Right side of the immigration debate these days, dismiss Brenton as an evil nutcase with no legitimate complaints.

Brenton obviously wasn’t crazy. Nor was he stupid. He definitely intended to do a righteous thing. His writing is coherent, and reflects a lot of what we’ve been saying for years. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he planned it well in advance. When he executed the plan, he did so calmly, skillfully, and thoroughly. He considered the political implications, at home and abroad. He even went so far as contemplate the impact his use of firearms would have on the gun control debate in the United States.

Brenton hoped that his act would trigger an overreach by the Left. Gun grabs, more dysgenic racial policies, crackdowns on speech, and all the other familiar trappings of Jewish corruption, until the Right “woke up” and fought back. This is becoming a familiar, and troubling theme on the Right.

Dylann Rood had similar, if less articulate, designs. He was going to throw his body on the pile in the hopes that it would draw attention to the crisis facing our people. Robert Bowers left considerably less detail behind, but one would be safe to assume he had similar thoughts.

From this perspective, things are so bad as to justify literally anything. The challenge is merely that people are unaware of the crisis, and the best way to drive awareness is with bloodshed and the discomfort that follows in the wake of State and media overreaction.

It would be shallow and foolish to dismiss this strategy without consideration. There is a plausible element to it. Comfortable people do not demand radical change, and radical change is most certainly needed. There is simply no better way to make people uncomfortable, than to let Leftists exert their will over a society. So the path to radical change is to give the Left an actual example of the racially motivated violence they spend so much time fabricating at the ADL and SPLC.

This makes plenty of sense so far. If you want to make things worse, pick up a gun and start killing people. Leave behind as much evidence as possible, and make sure you generate lots of media attention. The greater the body count, the better, but always keep in mind that the motive and method are far more important to the media than the human cost. If they were at all concerned with the numbers of lives lost, they would have adopted our agenda decades ago. So be sure to use a semi-automatic rifle, preferably an AR-15, and you definitely must use a high capacity magazine, in order to become a patsy for the gun control lobby. Be sure to express your political views on social media well in advance, so as to make yourself a proper patsy for the thought police as well.

Then, should you be so unfortunate as to survive, keep an eye on the news from your jail cell, and await word of the glorious crackdown.

I wonder how Dylann Roof feels watching the news these days. It was less than four years ago when he walked into a church in North Carolina and opened fire. It would be difficult to deny that he had a pretty severe impact on race relations. Prior to that day, I was pretty blissfully unaware of the racial crisis we face. That changed pretty quickly, I must confess.

When the Leftists started running around demanding the removal of confederate flags in the wake of that incident, I became acutely aware of the danger they posed. I wasn’t even into the confederate flag. I’m a New Englander, and at the time I was an anarchist with no love for any flag. But on an instinctual level I knew they were a malevolent force. They hated the country and they wanted to destroy its history in hopes of controlling its future. I didn’t have a kind word to say about Roof, but one kid with a handgun is nothing compared to Leftists in control of a government. I felt threatened, and my racial awareness grew daily from that point forward.

One might convincingly make the case that we would not be having this conversation today if not for that mass shooting. One can be certain that in four years, conversations will be had that would not have happened, if not for Brenton Tarrant’s act of vengeance.

So if that’s what you aspire to, if that’s what you think your life is worth, then by all means, pick up a gun. Get yourself killed, or thrown in prison, and in a few years, people will have a chat.

I gave a talk a few years ago at a joint convention for the Libertarian Parties of Nassau and Suffolk Counties back in Long Island. I titled the video I released of it “How the Libertarian Party Saved My Life“. In it, I told the story of how I myself had contemplated going out in a blaze of glory, and how I ultimately decided against it.

I was aware that we faced some very serious problems in America well prior to becoming aware of the racial component of those problems. I used to think the government was just out of control due to the nature of the institution, and that bloodshed would be required to bring it back within the confines of the founders’ intent. Based on that limited and naive awareness of the crisis, I thought for sure I would die in the conflict. I became comfortable with that outcome, and began contemplating how to go about it.

But I was a relative nobody. My comfort with the status quo had been disrupted by a legal problem which would not have gained me much sympathy from the public. I was in no physical shape to to be a formidable challenge to the State’s enforcers, and I was not in possession of sufficient munitions to make up for my sorry physical state. Whatever blaze I would have gone out in, it would not have been particularly glorious, and so although I was prepared to lay down my life, I knew I had my work cut out for me if I wanted to make it count.

So rather than committing suicide by cop, I set out on the path which brought us to this point.

The first thing I decided to do, was to inform myself about the problems and the perceived solutions. I studied the constitution of the United States, libertarianism, communism, economics, history, law, philosophy, and all the things one comes across in such a pursuit. I became a real sponge for information and ideas, and I found the intellectual journey profoundly stimulating.

As I acquired these ideas, I tried various means by which to spread them to others. For a time, I convinced myself that my life might be spared if I could wake enough people up to the problem by evangelizing. I was frustrated by the pace of progress in this effort though, as so few people seemed interested in even listening to what I had to say.

I felt a profound sense of inadequacy as a result of this. I had to become a better communicator. I had to have a better command of the information. I had to recruit more people to my side, and I had to obtain the sort of status symbols that command the attention of an audience.

The libertarians seemed to have the best understanding of the crisis at the moment, and it was right around this time that the Tea Party movement was starting to gain media attention. I went to my first demonstration in Huntington, New York in the Summer of 2009. I was an instant hit with these people, as I was familiar with their ideas, and I had the loudest voice of anyone present.

From there I joined the Campaign for Liberty, and the Libertarian Party. I volunteered with these organizations, and obtained titles which I could use to bolster my perceived status. I attended countless demonstrations, handed out literature, carried petitions, and eventually, I ran for Congress.

What I didn’t tell people at the time, and disclosed publicly for the first time at the aforementioned talk, was that this was all in preparation for my death. I had no expectation of winning an election. I just figured that a congressional candidate who went out blasting would make a more memorable impact on the political discourse than a drunk driver. At each step along the way, I considered if this was the time to make my move, but thankfully I kept seeing other opportunities to increase my relevance, and thus add meaning to my ultimate demise. I started a YouTube channel, developed an impressive social media presence, started ChristopherCantwell.com, and eventually the Radical Agenda. When I died, nobody would be confused about what my cause was. I had written it all down, and spoken about it at length. I had thousands of followers and even more enemies.

I got better and better at communicating, and my command of the issues improved by the day. Were it not for that fact, I probably would have ended this a long time ago. For this reason as much as any other, I feel a profound sympathy for people who lack those talents, and decide as I would have, that they could not accomplish anything greater than to go out with a bang.

There are a lot of people like that out there, and it’s only been in recent months that I’ve started thinking about how to address them. Not everybody can, or should, start a blog or a podcast. If people like me run around screaming that the sky is falling and tell people that the only answer is to talk about the problem, then what you end up with is exactly what we have today. An endless supply of morons pretending to be erudite thinkers and polluting the information pool, and the occasional mass murderer seeing the futility of that state of affairs, and deciding that today is as good a day to die as any.

Not everybody can gain notoriety by peaceful means, and the prospect of redemptive violence can be very tempting to those who do not have high hopes for the future. But the conclusion I came to in recent months is that people like me have a responsibility to guide them to better outcomes.

You’ll hear me say on here from time to time, that I am not one who thinks that violence is never the answer, but that violence is what invariably happens when better answers are not forthcoming. Accelerationism is gaining traction in Right wing circles for this reason. Everybody knows what is wrong, but no consensus exists on what to do about it, and as time ticks forward our options diminish and our challenges grow more severe. The Left is completely out of control, the State shows no interest in stopping them, the media has abandoned any concern for their credibility, and the dashboard of Western Civilization is lit up with warning lights as the chassis shake and smoke bellows out from under the hood. There is a growing consensus that things are on the brink of cataclysm, and that realization is leading some to decide that their best bet is to make it happen faster.

Okay. Then what?

People have this crazy idea in their heads that once “it” happens, whatever “it” may be, some correcting force will necessarily come to right the ship. I hate to break it to you, but that simply isn’t true, and I challenge anyone to present a single historical example of that being the case. Did ten million dead in the Holodomor bring an end to the Soviet Union? Did the 45 million death toll of Mao’s Great Leap Forward diminish the power of the Chinese Communist Party? Chaos and disorder favor Leftists, which is why they are working full time to bring it about. Their criminal element riots in the streets, while their political arms do everything in their power to diminish the institutions that are supposed to stop them. When they say “Diversity is our strength” they are not just parroting a lie. For them it is actually true, that ethnic diversity is their strength, in that it diminishes the cohesion of the civilization and thus strengthens them in the ensuing chaos.

Imagine the outcome of the civilizational breakdown so many seem to be aching for, if it happened today. Imagine the Fox News Alert, when the race riots can no longer be paved over as “mostly peaceful protests” and the police figure out that it isn’t worth the risk to try and stop the mobs. When the roving bands of mixed race savages begin occupying government buildings and taking over the enforcement apparatus, what would you do, today, if it happened in your city?

Well, I obviously can’t speak to the plans of each individual listener. Perhaps some of you are sufficiently physically fit, and well armed, and perhaps you have a number of similarly capable men whom you trust. Perhaps you have established secure communications with one another, and perhaps you have ways of financing a drawn out and brutal conflict without the benefit of the established financial system.

But something tells me that this is exceedingly unlikely for most of you. I am certain that this is not the case for the most vocal accelerationists. What organized force exists in the United States to take on these mobs? Well, if one exists, they have done a very good job of keeping their existence a secret. They would have to do this of course, because if their presence became known, they would be crushed by the State without hesitation.

You and I can’t hold a permitted demonstration without being attacked by criminals and imprisoned for defending ourselves. Yet there are people dumb enough to think that we will prevail in a bloody race war in which most of our race would fight for the enemy?

Anybody who tells you this is a prudent strategy is either a fool, or an enemy trying to lure you into a trap. You cannot save your race by losing a race war, and you are not fit for the conflict so many seem anxious to bring about.

I appreciate the dedication of Brenton Tarrant. His sacrifice should not be forgotten. As you watch the media coverage in the coming days, you’ll see that he was remarkably successful in so far as his intent was to provoke a painful and disruptive backlash which will cause some to awaken to the severity of our crisis.

But I regret that Brenton did not call into the Radical Agenda and run his ideas by me first. I would have told him that it was ill advised, and that his life could be put to better use. It was almost ten years ago that I decided I was ready to die for my country. I was Brenton’s age at the time. While I wish I could have accomplished more in the last decade, I know that I accomplished more by staying in the fight, than I could have by throwing my life away for lack of a better answer. I would have appreciated the opportunity to tell him that story.

I hope I have the strength to fight for another ten years, or more. But if time runs out, I prepared myself for that outcome a long time ago, and every day since has been spent trying to make it count.

I cannot speak to the aptitudes and inclinations of every Radical Agenda listener. I don’t think you’re all going to become public figures who make headlines and spread ideas. But I think most of you are capable of at least raising a family, and as Brenton said at the start of his manifesto;

It’s the birthrates.
It’s the birthrates.
It’s the birthrates.

If that’s not for you, then go to work, earn a living, and contribute financially to me or someone else who you think is doing good for our people and way of life. It might not be as exciting as living out a first person shooter, but it’s really important that we bring these ideas to as many people as possible before time runs out.

Ultimately, I’m convinced, that our only hope for salvation lies in political migration and secession. Individuals opening fire on houses of worship is a masturbatory fantasy for our rivals, not something that scares them. The only thing they worry about is us wielding the powers of the State, which is why they put all of their efforts into diminishing our political influence through immigration and smear campaigns.

It is too late to rescue the continental United States. Trump is not going to save us, nor is the Republican Party, but time is a precious commodity, and anybody who takes our situation seriously must get angry about the squandering of that increasingly scarce resource. Accelerationism runs in direct opposition to this, and the imprudence of that course must be called out when it is echoed by people who would claim to be thought leaders amongst us. It is careless, and shows an irrationally high time preference on the part of its advocates.

We do not need an electoral majority on a federal level to get a toe hold on political power. With just a fraction of the people who will listen to this podcast, we could take over the government of a small town in New Hampshire or Maine. With the protection of that power, we could expand our influence outward, until we controlled enough territory to declare independence and establish national sovereignty. That is a peaceful, lawful path an ethnostate. It is a plan that women can comfortably participate in, and it presents the lowest risk to our children.

In his manifesto, Brenton had a bit of a Q&A with himself, and at one point he anticipates the question “What do you want?”

He answers: “We must ensure the existence of our people, and a future for White children.”

Well, you can’t do that from prison. You can’t do that from a cemetery. Making life more miserable, and empowering leftist crackdowns, will not increase our birthrates. To do that, we need safe, happy homes, where hard working men can bring home sufficient resources to loving wives, who will raise healthy, well adjusted children. There’s your fourteen words.

If we have to kill people to accomplish that, I am totally willing to accept this. If it comes down to that, then of course, some of us will have to die. I am totally willing to accept that too, and so should all of you. If our efforts are to have any meaning at all, however, that acceptance must come with an appreciation of the costs, and a very deliberate accounting of what is to be gained by any such expenditures. Lone wolf terrorism makes no such accounting. It assumes upon the individual the awesome responsibility of making those calculations for himself, and what he spends is not his alone to dispose of. Dylann Roof, Robert Bowers, and Brenton Tarrant all made choices which you and I will bear the burden of, as they are now out of the fight, and we are the ones left with the task of securing the existence of our people.

So while I can appreciate the convictions of these brave souls who put their lives on the line to confront the threats we face, I am simultaneously furious with their imprudence. In moments, each of them they deprived us of years. As a result, we will have to redouble our efforts, if for no other reason, so that these would be martyrs do not have to see the extinction of their race, from the grim confines of an enemy prison.


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Outlaw Conservative S01E010 – Endurance

Since we last spoke, the mob came for Tucker Carlson, again. They thought they finally had him, too. Media Matters released audio of the cable news host from back in the day, when he was a guest on a comedic radio show called Bubba the Love Sponge. His thoughtcrimes included suggesting that women preferred strong men and that Iraqis were not quite up to the intellectual standards we in the West have become accustomed to having as neighbors.

Lesser men would have folded, for sure. “It was a joke!” or “It was a different time!” or any number of other weaselly backpedaling comments could surely have been expected, and perhaps even forgiven. “Locker room talk” comes to mind.

But not Tucker. He gets it. What makes him more dangerous to the Left than any other single thing is that he understands their long game. Those who apologize today, will be paralyzed tomorrow, because the goal of the mob is not redemption, but submission. One who can be made to bow to their whims will invariably be conscripted into their service, and Tucker simply will not permit this to happen to him under any circumstances.

He cares too deeply. One can see in his eyes, and hear in his voice, that he would sooner be made the martyr of righteousness, than the vassal of the wicked. If more men had that quality of character, Leftism would be an obscure joke.

Sadly, too few have this quality about them. As a result, Leftism is not an obscure joke, but an existential threat. As Tucker put it “They’re too busy pushing late term abortion, and cross dressing on fifth graders. These are the people who write our movies, and our sitcoms. They are not shocked by naughty words. They just pretend to be, when it’s useful.”

We have some pretty solid evidence as to the staggering lack of value to be gained by capitulation. The President of the United States is a prime example. The strength and fortitude he displayed during the Republican primary was enough to carry him through the weakness his advisors convinced him to display during the general election, but with each strategic retreat his power level waned. Eventually his agenda was completely subverted, his closest associates, and most ardent supporters, were indicted, and some were thrown in prison. His party lost the House of Representatives, and if he manages to be elected to a second term, it will be entirely due to the absolute insanity of the Democrat Party, as opposed to any quality of his leadership.

Moreover, should we be so fortunate as to hold Democrat rule off for another four years, it will only serve to purchase time. All hope of redeeming the United States has been lost, thanks to the capitulation of prior Republican administrations. The anxiety brought about by the screams of the mob makes even the most courageous men break, and democracy does not give us the most courageous rulers, sadly.

I know from experience that overwhelming desire to make it stop. That “live to fight another day” sense of urgency can be overpowering. Indeed, one must live to fight another day if vanquishing the enemy before sundown is not on the list of options, but at what point does one cross the line from the purchase of time, to the forfeit of the conflict?

That is a difficult line to walk indeed, and straddling it is a talent we would all do well to learn. I’ve spent much of my life disgusted at the cowardice of my fellow man, and the more I learned about the ways of the world, the more disgusted I became.

That disgust caused me to make the exact opposite error. I think a lot of us did. “Optics? Ha! Check out my firearms collection, sissy!” – “You think you can shut me up with threats of imprisonment? Check out this bowlcut meme!”

We had a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong. I’m not going full disavow here. But what I find so fascinating and admirable about Tucker Carlson is his skillful navigation of this treacherous course. He has the guts to refuse to apologize or capitulate, with the simultaneous good sense to keep his criticisms pointed at the people who “write our movies, and our sitcoms” or “permanent Washington” or the “foreign policy establishment” without breaking the ultimate political taboo and losing his position as a result.

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Radical Agenda S05E021 – So To Agenda

Radical Agenda listeners hardly need an introduction to Jared Howe. In addition to being a husband, father, and all around great guy, he facilitated the production of Live from Seg while I was locked up in Charlottesville, and is currently the host of So To Speak, proudly syndicated at ChristopherCantwell.com.

I’ve been quietly consulting with Jared behind the scenes in recent weeks, and I’ve found his council so valuable that I thought it worth bringing to the show.

Radical Agenda S05E021 - So To Agenda

Radical Agenda S05E021 – So To Agenda

The Right is in total disarray lately. Subversion and dishonesty run rampant with no signs of abating. Some factions are egging on martial conflict, while others are enthusiastically supporting Democrats. What was a united front in 2017, now has such an ideological divide as to find its adherents embracing militant propertarianism on the one extreme, and Universal Basic Income on the other. Internecine conflicts have, for the most part, abandoned any pretenses of principles or objectivity, and descended into personality cults, popularity contents, and hyperintense resource competitions.

The people who want us to fail, are surely quite happy with this state of affairs.

Those of us who would like to preserve some remnant of our people and way of life, are less enthused. A few of us have been chatting quietly behind the scenes, trying to separate the actual issues from the static and noise which has tended to make public discourse impossible lately.

In my view, the Alt Right began with a certain weakness. Essentially, they had the mirror opposite problem of the libertarians. The libertarians struggled to maintain race blindness, and adhere entirely to deteriorating ideological guidelines. The Alt Right on the other hand, had no cohesive ideology. Just ethnocentrism. Lumping a large group of ideological rivals together into a political bloc, based entirely on racial identity, was not sustainable in the long term.

Even the Left can barely maintain themselves in this fashion, and their constituency is far better suited to this sort of thing, since they are not much for thinking or striving for greatness. For White men, it is not good enough to simply be White men. Especially for those of us inclined to Right of center politics. We have ideas, values, and a fiercely competitive drive, under which the perpetuation of the race serves as a mere prerequisite of higher purposes. We cannot eternally set aside all differences to unite against a common foe or advance a purely ethnic interest.

We pulled it off temporarily. Nearly all were united to support Trump in the 2016 election. As time went forward, however, competitions over substance, style, and strategy took center stage. Those were later replaced by competitions over personal ambitions, which gave way to the cascading waterfalls of horseshit polluting the information pool today. An ideological reckoning is desperately needed, but a frighteningly broad disregard for basic standards of honest communication, have made this all but impossible on a large scale.

That being the case, we’ll just have to carry out that important work in our comparatively small sphere. We know who we are. Now we need to come to some consensus on what we stand for, and how we intend to achieve our goals.

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Radical Agenda S05E020 – Philosophical Lighthouse

If you’ve been listening to the Radical Agenda for awhile, you’ve heard me mention Michael Badnarik. He was, amongst other things, the 2004 Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, and had put together a lengthy presentation he called Introduction to the Constitution.

I stumbled across that presentation about a decade ago, and it sent me on a thrilling intellectual pursuit. I found myself studying history, philosophy, economics, and more. That journey eventually led us to this point at which we found ourselves today.

Radical Agenda S05E020 - Philosophical Lighthouse

Radical Agenda S05E020 – Philosophical Lighthouse

We had Michael on as a guest for Stage Four Episode Fourty Seven, and since then he has published a new book called Philosophical Lighthouse. He says he wrote the book in an effort to reverse the intellectual and moral decay increasing in the world around us. As he sees it, corruption and evil are found everywhere. Every human action must be preceded by a thought process, and if evil is everywhere around us, then we must change the thought process that has led society to this point.

Michael describes philosophy as follows;

Philosophy is your comprehensive view of the universe. Your understanding of the world around you, that you use subconsciously, every moment of the day, to make all the decisions in your life. Because you are alive, you will eventually die. Making bad decisions, like smoking or stepping in front of a bus, could bring about a premature end to the life that you cling to. If you could, wouldn’t you choose to make correct decisions 100% of the time? Or at least as close to 100% as a rational person could expect? Our philosophy guides, not what we think, but how we think. If you find yourself struggling to solve problems and wondering if you are jinxed, you are probably operating with an inconsistent philosophy. That is to say, there are good philosophies and bad philosophies. 

For the Lighthouse part, he tells a story you might have heard before, about an American warship at sea. The ship spots an obstacle up ahead, and gets on the radio to tell the person on the other end to change course to avoid a collision. An argument ensues over which vessel should be changing course, and the American warship boasts of its size and strength to insist on having its way. Then a reply comes over the radio, informing the Americans that they are communicating with a Spanish lighthouse, which you might have gathered, is incapable of changing course.

An apt metaphor to describe the trajectory of our society. Most people never stop to think about philosophy. Their course was handed to them by folks who do not much care if they run aground or have their hull torn open by some other hazard along the way. They aren’t changing course for anybody, and if the crew and passengers all end up dead, then that’s just fine with the course plotters. They’ll just buy new ships with whatever they take from the dead, and replace everybody with a fresh round of immigrants less inclined to ask difficult questions.

Michael joins us for the duration of the show today, and will be taking your calls at our new number; 323-9-AGENDA or 323-924-3632

Join us this and every Monday, and Friday from 5-7pm Eastern, for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about timeless ideas, the news of the day, and whatever is on your mind at  323-9-AGENDA

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Outlaw Conservative S01E009 – Unprepared

There’s a lot going on here at the Outlaw Conservative Studio.

ChristopherCantwell.com was deplatformed by its email list provider, so notifications of new posts are not going out. Our email list is a very vital component of our distribution, especially since we’ve suffered so much censorship on social media and syndication platforms. This presents a technical challenge, since it is the second email provider to drop our content. We are looking at options for managing the email service ourselves to avoid this happening in the future, but this requires some time and planning.

Our video streaming platform, Stream.me has also been taken down. Apparently the owners of the site had been trying to keep their identities a secret, unsuccessfully. Their identities were disclosed, death threats against their families poured in, and the site vanished from the Internet without a trace. This too provides a technical challenge which, while not insurmountable, is really the last thing we needed in the early stages of this production, and a hard fought recovery for our other works.

You may also have noticed that your host has been making the rounds on other shows, which often air later than our content. This has not been conducive to regular sleeping patterns for your host, and I literally woke up two hours before showtime today.

I was tempted to cancel today’s episode as a result, as I really don’t have the time or the concentration to write a cohesive show description. There are some interesting stories to discuss though, and your feedback is important to me, so the show will go on as scheduled, though we may cut it short today.

Here are some of the stories on my radar.

Illegal immigration at worst rate since 2007 – Washington Times

U.S. Posts Record Annual Trade Deficit – WSJ

U.S. Posts Record Annual Trade Deficit – WSJ

Amazon Bans Tommy Robinson’s Book, ‘Mohammed’s Koran’ | Homeland Security

Ex-Rep. Schock gets deferred prosecution agreement, in stunning blow to feds | Chicago Sun-Times

US trade gap jumped to 10-year high; record gap with China

U.S. Budget Deficit Widens 77 Percent


R. Kelly claims parents ‘sold’ daughters to him

American journalist based in Caracas detained by government officials amid Venezuela unrest | Fox News

Time for the Chinese miracle’: Beijing’s new English language propaganda push | World news | The Guardian


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Radical Agenda S05E019 – Setup

I generally try to avoid delving into “conspiracy theories,” but in recent weeks I’ve become convinced that there are far fewer accidents involved in our misfortune than I had previously assessed. How many people are acting with intentional malice, vs. how many are the useful idiots of those who so act, is anybody’s guess. We certainly have a lot of stupid people in our midst who fall for ridiculous tricks, but the presence of malevolent actors setting the stage for those tricks is not up for reasonable debate.

Let us begin with a quick recap of the Alt Right “Optics” debate.

After the Unite the Right rally in August of 2017, a conflict ensued on the Alt Right about how we presented ourselves to the public, and how that presentation was reflected in the media. That was a conversation worth having, to be sure.

The Alt Right had previously existed as an Internet phenomenon that served primarily to trigger Leftists into hysterics. The Left had been screaming about all manner of bigotry being pervasive throughout our politics for as long as I’ve been paying attention to such things, but actual incidences of such bias were few and far between. When Trump started gaining traction in the Republican primary, and the Alt Right meme machine started gaining steam, Leftists finally had their bogeyman. The fabled Nazis who had haunted their nightmares, were now tweeting at them and showing up in physical space.

This served a very good purpose for the Right, and for Donald Trump. Leftists are absolutely disgusting excuses for human beings, but their crimes are usually paved over by the media and government. They are presented as freedom fighters, relentlessly in pursuit of justice and peace. The worst thing that can happen to the Left, is for people to see them for what they are. As their paranoid delusions of racism were suddenly confirmed by the Alt Right, their violence, deception, and general wickedness became more plain to see for the general public.

Had the Alt Right stuck to this format, we would have been a very useful tool for the Republican Party. Nobody wants to elect a party whose platform is based in hysterical paranoia and street crime. By triggering Leftists, and sending them out into the streets to proudly do violence in public, we exposed them as a threat to the order and stability of the country. This, perhaps more than anything else, got Donald Trump elected, and shifted the consciousness of the Nation.

Of course, we never set out to be the tools of the existing power structure. That inglorious existence describes the Antifa lowlives we helped to expose. We want to make a meaningful impact on the world around us, so we had to step out from behind our keyboards at some point.

Unfortunately, these two roles were in conflict. You can be a Nazi LARPer troll on the Internet, and trigger Leftists into behaving like savages, or you can try to participate in the mainstream political discourse. You cannot do both. Our attempt to blur the lines was bound to fail, and in hindsight, one is left to question if that was an accident.

Driving the Alt Right discourse to the furthest extremes was certainly a team effort, which I most enthusiastically participated in myself. However, even I was hesitant to adopt explicit Nazi branding, and found the praise of figures like Dylann Roof to be out of bounds. The people most responsible for driving things in that direction were the Daily Stormer, and the hosts of The Daily Shoah.

It thus came as quite the surprise to see these same figures attacking others over “optics”. Weev, the Jewish technical mind behind both sites, had appeared twice on the Radical Agenda. Once to sing the praises of Dylann Roof and call for the extermination of most of the world’s population. Another time he came on to discuss the domain level censorship of the Daily Stormer, and called for the slaughter of Jewish children in response to that censorship, which got me kicked off of GoDaddy.com as my domain registrar. The Daily Shoah literally means The Daily Holocaust. To hear them suddenly singing in unison about how everyone else needed to clean up their act, was laughable.

Moreover, there wasn’t really a debate over the subject. The conflict was driven by personal attacks, silencing of opponents, and countless indicators of deception. There is a legitimate case to be made for polishing up one’s public perception, but when it is made by liars who have zero intent on doing so, the legitimacy is lost and no redemption of the public perception can ensue.

A fracture took hold in the movement, from which another element emerged. We’ll call them the Dylann Roof fan club to avoid giving them unwarranted promotion. They had little use for “optics” and wanted to push the most shocking content possible. For some, this was just edgy humor. For others, perhaps sincere belief. For others still, I have become convinced, this was subversive.

They pushed the Bowlcut memes, called for race war, and violence against all who stood in our way. Everyone else, was a cuck. They could afford to do this of course, because they are anonymous and do not have to suffer the consequences of being held to account for their words.

This is a classic example of Jewish subversion. Drive a wedge between factions of a movement, and then play both sides of the conflict. Weev tells everybody to get off the streets and shut up and hide. The Dylann Roof fan club tells people to shoot up synagogues and work diligently to make society unlivable, in hopes of fomenting race war. Neither one of these strategies had a snowball’s chance of positively influencing the direction of the country, and yet this was the dichotomy presented by the two sides of the Alt Right optics debate. “Are you a cuck, or a terrorist? Choose one, goyim.”

I cannot prove that this was the work of Israeli intelligence, but I could hardly think of a better way to destroy the Alt Right than to pit them against one another in this fashion. It likewise fit with several other senselessly divisive memes which began circulating throughout the movement. The “Wignat” slur became a tool of class division, “White Sharia” drove hostility toward women, “boomer” jokes drove generational divisions. So here you have this ethnocentric movement, trying to take on the most powerful people in the world, being divided along class, gender, and generational lines, and when that didn’t render us completely neutral, nonsensical ideological and strategic conflicts were added to the fire.

One of two things is true. Either sincere people came up with a plan this stupid, and predictably failed, or malicious actors who wanted us to fail, gave this to us, and people were stupid enough to fall for it.

Adding credibility to the conspiracy angle is the recent smear campaign against your humble correspondent. I won’t spend much time today trying to win over my skeptics, but those who have been listening to the Radical Agenda for awhile, and especially those who know me in real life, know that I am about the most sincere person you can hope to come across. Anyone who paints me as a liar is doing so with either malice or profound ignorance. Every last bit of unflattering truth about me which presently circulates, was put out there by yours truly. My flaws are too numerous to list, but perhaps my greatest one is being too honest. It is telling indeed that while I am guilty of so many actual imperfections, the people who attack me would rather tell lies, claiming that I have snitched on people for non-crimes I was wholly unaware of, that I am addicted to methamphetamine, that I have disclosed customer data to the media or the government, or that I am a homosexual. The smear campaign waged against me by people who claim to be part of this movement, makes the smear campaign the media waged against the kids from Covington Catholic School look responsible by comparison. I challenge anyone to make the case that any honest person could find merit in any of this.

I don’t mean to make this about me, but it is telling to examine from that angle. What benefit could there be to destroying me or the Radical Agenda? One who was very concerned about “optics” might make the case that I should go away because my bombast is less than helpful to those trying to win elections, but the people who attack me are literally praising mass shooters and attacking the President of the United States. They tell people they think we would be better off with Democrats in control, because Democrats will make life intolerable and trigger a martial conflict. They obviously aren’t driven by legitimate concerns about public perception.

Indeed it might be more helpful to look at their attitudes toward the President and the Republican Party. I am as disappointed as anyone with certain aspects of the Trump presidency, but I have a hard time taking people seriously when they suggest we would be better off, in any conceivable way, with Hillary Clinton in the White House. We might not have gotten a wall or meaningful immigration reform in the two years that Republicans held both houses of Congress and the White House, but we certainly aren’t going to get anything positive with Democrats in control of the House of Representatives, which was the outcome these same people desired from the most recent federal election.

Now you’ve got a bunch of guys who mostly hide behind aliases, hoping that Trump and the Republicans lose in 2020. Some of them are straightforward enough to confess that their motive is the downfall of the country, and the mass uncontrolled violence that would necessarily result. Of course, if you get a glimpse of any of these characters, you’ll quickly come to realize that whatever conflict they might be cheering for from the sidelines, they obviously have no intent to fight it it themselves, much less win. They want other people to do the fighting, and they want those people to lose.

Of course, it is not enough to say that because some person or group wants violence, that they are subversives. Perhaps a day arrives when all orderly means of conflict resolution have proven futile. Perhaps that day is far closer than any of us would like to admit.

So if one were to conclude that the time for armed struggle was upon us, how would one interested in success go about it?

Above my pay grade, sadly, but I can tell you what they wouldn’t be doing.

Screaming about it on YouTube and attacking everyone who doesn’t join the party as a traitor to the revolution, is not the sort of activity a revolutionary would be participating in.

Walking into houses of worship, gunning down non-combatants, and then waiting for the cops to capture or kill you is terribly unlikely to result in a desirable outcome.

A lot of these guys would purport to be Siege devotees, but perhaps they would do well to actually read the book.

No stunts, no handstands, no fanfare. Instead, care and caution. Long range planning. When you strike, strike hard and strike deep. Play for keeps. But, always in the end, it’s a matter of greater steady mileage over intense but short bursts. Don’t attract needless attention.

Another quote reads;

If you can’t do it, leave it alone. Forget it! Don’t try and talk someone else into doing it and ESPECIALLY don’t hear of anyone else trying to talk YOU into anything. Don’t talk, period! However it can’t hurt to begin now to learn, to train, and to have materials ready.

Here you have a group of guys who do nothing but talk, and to make matters worse, their words are worthless because they lie worse than Jews. Anyone stupid enough to take them seriously will be lucky to find themselves doxed and jobless and incapable of working toward positive change. Those less fortunate will find themselves dead or in prison, and paraded around the cable news channels as the excuse for State repression.

A piece published yesterday in The Guardian by Vegas Tenold, reads like a script from this act. Titled “The neo-Nazi plot against America is much bigger than we realize,” Tenold conjures the familiar lie that Right wing terrorism threatens to bring the Nation to its knees, using the email drafts and drug charges against Lt. Chris Hasson of the US Guard as proof of the imminent threat.

Hasson you may recall, is currently being held without bail for being in possession of firearms and ammunition while also in possession of illegal drugs. These charges would not have warranted his detention, but prosecutors used his Google search history and some notes fantasizing about political violence to claim Hasson was plotting mass murder.

Of course, if the neo-Nazi terror threat were quite what Tenold et al would like to pretend it is, Hasson would be a non-story. A Coast Guard Lieutenant with some notes and drugs would hardly warrant headlines while actual terrorism was actually happening. The fake pipe bombs of Cesar Sayoc Jr., a Native American, would not be billed as White Supremacist terrorism, if there were actually an abundance of Whites committing terrorism.

Tenold quotes Keegan Hankes, a researcher at the Southern Poverty Law Center as saying “I think what we’re starting to see now is people becoming more disheartened and disconnected from mainstream politics.” He continues “We believe we can expect more violence as people become increasingly frustrated and unmoored.”

JM Berger, a supposed expert on extremism and research scholar at Vox-Pol, said “What we’ve seen in the Trump-era is that a lot of the people on the fringes see opportunities for political engagement where they didn’t see it before.” He continued, “The question is: what happens when that window closes?”

If you watched any of these fedposty streams, you would find a narrative almost identical to the one painted in The Guardian. Trump supporters get pissed off, and start advocating the murder of innocent people with no discernable goal. Jews and their Gentile dupes go to great lengths to paint these kind of nonsense narratives, even as all evidence conspires to expose them as frauds. Yet here we are met with a group of anonymous actors, sabotaging actual Nationalists with reputations, repeating these exact narratives, with no apparent concern about being doxed, deplatformed, or prosecuted.

Again, maybe these people are just really dumb and helping the Jews by accident, but how lucky can the Jews really be? In the course of my observations, I’ve concluded that these people create their own luck.

Yet the problem here goes much deeper than the immediate concern about a few bad actors with botnets and sock accounts. We’ve had these subversives in our ranks the entire time, and it is impossible to fully measure the influence they have had over the culture and ideology of the movement. What I’ve illustrated here seems like obvious subversive activity, but how much less obvious subversion has been sown during this time?

This whole entire mess stinks. One might make the case that it has set us back further than Antifa violence and State repression combined. Recovering from it will be costly, time consuming, and uncertain.

But we have to do it, because there is far too much at stake to forfeit the conflict.


There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls, at our new number; 323-9-AGENDA or 323-924-3632

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Radical Agenda S05E018 – Props

It has been said that Democrats are the real racists. By this reasoning, all of their constant cries about racism from the Republicans are mere projection. Republicans for their part, are the true anti-Racists, who would never dream of taking the well being of their core demographic into political consideration.

We racists find this all rather amusing. Racism is just the recognition of basic biological reality, and so we do not see it as some kind of moral defect, as the above dichotomy presents it. At the end of the day, everyone is a racist in some regard, since race is an unavoidable factor of the human condition. The only question is whether your understanding of race, and your use of that understanding, is any good or not.

In that sense, Republicans truly are deficient. They continuously scratch their heads wondering why an increasingly dark skinned population never seems to glom onto their White masculine ways, though these ways be superior in every measurement to the forms from which these savages descend. It seems as though they are incapable of contemplating the impact that demographics have on political outcomes, and they would rather lose their country than make such considerations.

Democrats, if you believe a word they say, are very bad at racism too. Their rhetoric is based in total junk science. They loudly repeat the mystical ideological mantra that all races and genders are equal, and that all disparities of outcome are due to oppression by White males. This is obviously complete nonsense, and nobody who believes it has studied the subject of race from anything other than a mystic Marxist perspective.

Things make a little bit more sense when you assume they are all liars, and you can see the big picture in stunning 4k detail, when you realize these people are mostly Jewish puppets.

Radical Agenda S05E018 - Props

Radical Agenda S05E018 – Props

Take the recent uproar in Congress over Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) throwing a fit over the presence of Lynne Patton, a black woman, as she stood behind Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) during his questioning of former presidential attorney Michael Cohen. Cohen has attempted to paint the President as a racist and a criminal since he was caught committing myriad crimes, and has become a cooperative tool of Democrats to save his skin.

Patton has said she would never work for a “racist” yet she has worked for the President as an event planner since well before his entry into politics. After he ascended to the presidency, Patton served as head of Region II of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, which oversees New York and New Jersey. “Lynne Patton says she would not work for a man who is racist,” Meadows said, after Cohen had referred to Trump in his prepared remarks as a racist. “She says as a daughter of a man born in Birmingham, Ala., that there is no way that she would work for an individual who was a racist,” said Meadows. “How do you reconcile the two of those?”

As if speaking entirely for the entertainment of anti-Semites, Cohen replied “Neither should I as the son of a Holocaust survivor.”

Tlaib called Patton a “prop” and accused Republicans of using her to distract from the President’s supposed racism. “The fact that someone would actually use a prop, a black woman, in this chamber, in this committee, is racist in itself.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez echoed the sentiment, stating on Twitter that “tokenism *is* racism.”

When the fog of hysteria clears, it becomes obvious that Tlaib and Cortez are the real racists, though we mean this in the most positive of ways. They understand that blacks are not Whites, and do not adhere to White forms, unless well trained by White men.

Meadows was quick to show his xenophilia, and pride in his cuckoldry, by announcing that “My nieces and nephews are people of color. Not many people know that,” he said. “And, to indicate that I asked someone who is a personal friend of the Trump family, who has worked for him, who knows this particular individual, that she’s coming in to be a prop? It’s racist to suggest that I ask her to come in here for that reason.”

Of course, all “people of color” are props in American politics. The battles in our Congress today are waged between Jew and Gentile, and the Jew has simply found to be true, the same thing that so many employers have found, which is that women and people of color are cheaper to purchase than White men. Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Maxine Waters, the entirety of the Congressional Black Caucus, and so many others, are the pets and pawns of Jewish finance.

How aware of this they happen to be is anybody’s guess, of course. It is entirely plausible that they are stupid enough to think they obtained their positions by merit. Yet, the veracity with which they attack enemy props would tend to indicate they realize their own positions as props themselves. “If the Republicans start playing this game, we’ll be out of a job! ATTACK!” seems to be the line of thinking.

Meanwhile, Republicans seem incapable of understanding the implications of the display. One minute the Left is telling Republicans that they are racist because they a bunch of “old White men,” so they scramble to find women and non-Whites to bring into their ranks. The moment those women of color appear, they are accused of using them as props, which is only more evidence of their racism.

The Left understands perfectly what Republicans would do well to comprehend. Non-Whites will never be Republicans in large numbers, and trying to pretend that they will is suicide for the Republican Party, and the Whites who vote for them. The Left will call out “tokenism” because an inclusive party is not the goal of their “diversity” programs, but rather the displacement of Whites. Having non-Whites on board isn’t good enough, they have to displace and outnumber Whites for it to count.

But Republicans won’t grasp this. Not those with careers to preserve, anyway. Take a look at CPAC for more of this ethnomasochism, as Van Jones appeared with Matt Schlapp to cheer on a recent bipartisan prison reform bill, devised by the President’s Jewish son in law, Jared Kushner.

Jones said “Hey listen. I have to say something against my own interests here. Here’s the deal. The conservative movement in this country, unfortunately from my point of view, is now the leader on this issue of reform, in that, you look at Mississippi, a rock ribbed, totally conservative, former jailer, is the governor there. Governor Bryant. Governor Bryant has cut the prison population and crime at the same time” He goes onto list a series of Republican governors who have embraced prison reform, before bringing it to his point “My problem is, I now have a conservative movement, that, for libertarian reasons, for Christian conservative reasons, and for fiscally conservative reasons, is actually doing a great job on what should be my issue! This is supposed to be my issue! You are stealing, my issues!”

Rather than question the wisdom of helping Van Jones with his “issues”, the crowd erupted in cheers as if to welcome this communist into the Republican Party. Just as they have done with cheering on women in the workforce, anti-discrimination, “pre-existing conditions” and any number of Left wing ideas, Republicans adopt one Leftist position after another, and Leftists initially express this sort of dissatisfaction. “Hey, that’s my issue!” or “Hey that person is a prop!” until Republicans have sufficiently and irreversibly adopted the Leftist position, at which point the Left simply takes up a position even further left, and continues calling the Republicans racists until they catch up, moving the Overton Window eternally leftward.

One doubts they’ll figure this out before it is too late.

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Outlaw Conservative S01E008 — Influenced

You might have heard that Leftists have convinced themselves of the insane idea that our government has been taken over by Nazis. Thanks to his delusion, they have sent that same government to hunt down these alleged “Nazis” wherever they might be found. The best place to find these right of center voices that have been so labeled, is on the Internet of course, and this necessarily causes investigators to consume Right wing media in the course of their investigations.

Last year I joked a bit, that in the course of those investigations these folks must be getting influenced by the media they were consuming. Thanks to that influence, they might just become “Nazis” themselves, making a self fulfilling prophecy of the Leftist delusions that began the exercise in the first place.

We have yet to see any evidence of FBI agents throwing up Roman salutes and handing out copies of Mein Kampf as 4/20 gifts, but an interesting piece by Casey Newton at The Verge gives us a startling glimpse into the lives of a different sort of investigator.

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. With 2.3 billion monthly users, it has been said that Mark Zuckerberg controls a flock larger than Christianity, a power no man of his background should be permitted to wield. But wield it he does, and not in responsible fashion. While propaganda promoting degenerate sexual behaviors, genital mutilation, drug use, communist terrorism, anarchy, revolution, and gang violence are permitted to flourish on the platform, Christians, conservatives, Republicans, and even lesbian feminists with a health respect for biology 101, have been censored and banned from the site.

The people who decide that setting limousines on fire is protected speech, but sexual dimorphism is hate crime, are unsurprisingly not so well adjusted. The Verge tells the harrowing tale of Facebook’s “community operations” team, who respond to each report of content that is alleged to have violated Facebook’s community standards.

From the outset you can imagine that this is going to go horribly wrong. The people who would be attracted to such a position are clearly the least prepared for it. Who in their right mind would want to be a Facebook censor in 2019? Anyone right of Kamala Harris would obviously find Facebook’s ever expanding definition of hate speech Orwellian and dangerous, and anyone who would agree with that lunacy is obviously unfit for survival outside the womb.

Yet of course it is exactly these delicate flowers who are paid $15/hour to police the words and thoughts of all mankind. You might be less than shocked to find, that the stress of it sometimes becomes overwhelming.

Employees use drugs at work. They sneak off into staircases and rooms reserved for lactating mothers to have sex with one another. They burst into tears, and have counselors on staff to deal with their nervous breakdowns.

These are the people who decide if your politics are too dangerous to be discussed on the Internet.

Not only do they live in fear of seeing an uncomfortable truth uttered by an inquisitive mind, but they live in fear of one another. They can be fired for making just a few errors, and those who remain live in fear of those who were so fired, that they might return seeking vengeance. Security personnel keep watch over the entrance, on the lookout for disgruntled  former employees. Those interviewed for the article, did so in violation of a non-disclosure agreement, and were quoted using pseudonyms for fear of retaliation.

And of course, one cannot help but be influenced by the media they consume. Employees are said to have embraced the idea that the world is flat after reviewing posts making such claims. Some begin to doubt the official story of the holocaust. Others question the events of September 11th 2001. People who are hired for the explicit purpose of erasing anything deemed “racist” from the human consciousness, compete to see who can come up with the most racist memes. Narratives commonly thought of as conspiracy theories, such as about the Parkland shooting in Florida from last year, and the Las Vegas massacre, run rampant.

“Guys, no, this is the crazy stuff we’re supposed to be moderating. What are you doing?” said one employee.

I suppose there are a lot of things one can take from the piece, not the least of which is some joy in the suffering of the censors. These people deserve to be hated, and to live in fear and misery for the catastrophic impacts they are having on politics throughout the world. If they are resorting to sex and drugs and contemplating suicide to cope with the stress of their positions, then we can take a small degree of comfort in knowing they do not enjoy their wicked occupation.

It also tells us something about the power of memes. Nobody is immune from the influence, not even the censors themselves. If the Facebook moderators are becoming 9/11 truthers and holocaust deniers, imagine how rapid the shift in opinion will be, when the flow of information is wrenched from their grip.

Likewise, when our hands are on the levels of power, we must not let our love of freedom cloud our judgement as rulers. The memes that Facebook does permit, promoting communism, transgenderism, anarchy, and insurrection are only slightly less powerful than the ones they are censoring. They are warping the minds of our people, and harming our future irreparably. We will never recover the damage that has been done, and never again can we repeat this folly.

We do not want to abolish the censors at Facebook, Twitter, and Google. We want to replace these fragile, drug addled degenerates, with men of strong mind and character. We do not want to abolish “community standards” but rather set standards that promote healthy informational hygiene, political stability, and happy families.

And we’ll get there, my friends. Look at how hard they resist our advances. Look at the panic in their eyes as we prevail, or at least survive, through each conflict. Watch their frantic efforts to discredit us to increasingly skeptical audiences, from which we pick away their adherents one by one, and group by group. They stir up the mob in the hopes of scaring us away, but we power on, sustained by the righteousness of our cause, and as we do, some in the mob take notice.

“How?” they ask themselves. “How do they continue despite our screams and threats? Shouldn’t they be off doing drugs or fornicating just to cope with their fear? What faith sustains them? Could I have such courage, if I too followed their path?” And some of them do. Some of you found yourselves listening to the sound of my voice from exactly this course, and as time goes forward, more will join us.

That knowledge has sustained me through some rather harrowing ordeals. What most people would look at as overwhelming pressure, I see as merely a small investment of time. I smirk at the mob like Nick Sandmann of the Covington Catholic School. “Yeah go beat your drum! Go chant your jibberish! Someday everyone will know the truth, and you will be the one who fears the wrath of the public!”


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